The Indie Mindstate: Make a Change

I often hear indie fans saying “there’s nothing in the mainstream, it’s all about the underground”. I think that the fans just feel that proportion of “talent” is not in the mainstream. Or maybe they feel that their favorite artist isn’t getting the popularity they feel they deserve. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I don’t say the same, but I do try and keep myself unbiased. Like most indie heads I get angry when I hear the radio. To make it clear, for the sake of this article – when I say “mainstream”, I’m talking about artists signed to major labels and over saturate every single hip-hop radio station on the planet.

I discussed this with @UncommonRecords and @abovegroundmag on Twitter and it really opened up my mind a bit. Why do indie fans hate the mainstream? Some say that Soulja Boy and Lil’ Wayne aren’t “hip-hop”. If you say that, I’m sorry but you have a lot to learn about the art. Let’s take it back to the start. I’m not talking the very roots of it, but rather the first cut that was made by DJ Kool Herc. He had huge speakers and a turntable set. He played, and people danced. What did Herc make? Party music. Hip-hop started with pure, uncut (pardon the pun), enjoyable, party music. So when someone makes a club track, isn’t that “hip-hop”?

Now, obviously we’re not looking at lyrical music. If these artists don’t claim to be lyrical GOATs, then I don’t think there would be an issue. But a lot of them do, and that’s where I think fans get a stricken cord. Let’s look past this issue for just a minute and think about the main issue – the struggle for indie artists who do have lyrical talent. Some say the major labels are to blame since they gear the music the way they want it and don’t let artists be free. This is why some remain indie – and I agree with that decision completely. But we have to think about why these labels are forcing these artists to do what they want.

The public. Who is that? You’re neighbour? Your best friend? Your enemy? The answer is obvious – it’s all of them and everyone else; including you! The majority of people, for whatever reason, prefer these club/dance/pointless songs. Yes, I hate them; and considering you’re on this site I’m sure you feel the same way. But let’s not go on the hate bandwagon. Just let them be. Do you and help the artists you feel deserve the props.

So what can we go about helping our favourite indie artists?

Support them to the fullest. It’s up to you now. Get out there and tell people. Don’t get angry at people for not knowing or not supporting them, just tell them who these artists are. Show them what you think should be on the radio. It’s our responsibility as indie hip-hop fans to make the public help these should-be-famous talents get out there. It’s a struggle, yes, but it’s not impossible. Buy those albums! And nowadays there’s so many net resources to help you with it – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon, DiggIt, Reddit, and so many more I can’t even begin to count. Stop sitting there complaining! Do something about it!

This is what I want you to do today and/or any day that you can – stop complaining about how people “killed” hip-hop. Stop living in the past and reminiscing about the golden years (which a lot of you never even experienced). Live in the current, but don’t live with it. Live in the current…don’t live with it. And that’s that.

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