If hip hop fans like something, that doesn’t …

Comment posted on What Makes It Hip Hop? by Danny

If hip hop fans like something, that doesn’t mean it is part of the hip hop culture in any way if you ask me..

Sure, many hip hop heads read comic books and have an attachment to stories of Spiderman and Batman, but does that make Superman and Batman exclusively part of the ‘hip hop culture’? I don’t think so. There are also many indie rock fans (or name any other music genre/culture) who have the very same attachment to comic books and Superman. So why do you categorize it as “part of hip hop”?

With that said, unless something’s inherent to hip hop, such as graffiti and DJing, it’s not a significant “part of hip hop”.

Of course fans such as yourself and myself are diverse and love way more than the original four elements within hip hop. But hip hop (culture) and all the other things you like as a hip hop fan are two seperate things.

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