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Wow, this year has flown by. In fact, the past 18 or so months have passed by at a dizzying pace. Honestly, it seems like I just started this website yesterday — and yet, it’s been a good, long run already. It’s sort of fun and sort of crazy to think what we have all accomplished since the humble, ugly beginnings of the site.

And, of course, the layout isn’t the only thing that’s seen changes since the beginning. We’re constantly making tweaks, changes and updates to what we do. We are trying to improve. We don’t want to be some faceless organization that pumps out content and prays that someone reads it. But, instead, we want to be the hub for hip hop lovers of all shapes and sizes. We want to be your homepage and your homies. Your friends and your favorite website.

Truly, our goal is to serve everyone that supports us in any way possible. Do you prefer downloading zip files full of new tracks instead of individual MP3s? We want to know. Would you like our site better if we interviewed Justin Bieber? Tell us. (I didn’t say we would listen to ALL of the advice).

So, as we prepare to turn the page into what is technically the third year we have been in existence (2009, 2010, 2011), we turn to our family to continue to help us grow and improve. Everything from typos to structure issues and navigation bugs — give us your feedback. It’s the only way we will know how to get better.

I hope everyone an excellent Holiday and an enjoyable, beautiful new year. Our resolution is just to keep up with our promise of elevating hip hop in a way that no other website or magazine can. Cheers to 2011.

-Tyler Hakes

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