Love, Hip Hop and Masturbation

Love, Hip Hop and MasturbationI don’t think I’ll ever get married.

This isn’t to say I haven’t had the desire to do so…

Statistics show Divorce rates are declining for the first time in *forever*. This is great…if you’re already married.

I have friends that are happily married, or at least they seem to be. I can only wish, hope, and pray that they have what it takes to make it work, because there’s a lot of bullshit happening in the world.

I have friends that are definitely unhappily married; totally out of convenience, or inconvenience. I pray for them, too.

I have friends that are completely unfaithful to their spouses, and while there is a generic moral objection to infidelity, I just want my friends to lead happy lives.

I was watching ‘Love and Hip Hop’ the other day, and before I go on, I will answer some of your questions about some previous Reality TV statements:

No, I do not watch the Kardashians. Any of them.

But Back to ‘Love and Hip Hop’. As a Rapper, as a Young Lady and as a Lover, I find the show quite interesting. And also, quite fantastical.

Did y’all see Crissy propose to Jim Jones on national television/web? In case you’ve missed it, in a recent episode, Rapper Jim Jones’ longtime girlfriend, Crissy, got tired of waiting for him to pop the question, and, in front of cameras and a club full of surprised guests, Crissy in turn proposed to him. Ring and all.

The ring, by the way, was nice and chunky.

His answer?

A simple, “I’m with you.”.

I didn’t know whether to clap or cringe. What? “I’m with you.”?

I mean, I guess that’s a yes, but what the hell? Give a girl a bit of closure, you know?

However, the more I thought about it, and watched more of the episode, I started to question what the proposal even meant.

She gave him a ring, and things just kind of simmered down and went back to normal.

To my knowledge, they aren’t planning a wedding, and he didn’t actually say “yes” to her proposal. She didn’t leave, either. So what does that mean? Does this mean she should be upset that she wasted all that gwop on a ring?

Should she be happy he didn’t break up with her all-together for doing that intense shit in front of the whole world? Should she be concerned about his response? Should I give this semi-scripted show too much thought?

Yes! Because I need to produce a blog every month. No, because seriously…relationships are important, even if we don’t always show it.

Relationships happen everyday. They change status as often as the updates to our social networking accounts. Friendships are relationships, teachers have relationships with their students, alcoholics have a relationship with the liquor store, and this lady across the hall from my condo loves her dog a bit too much.

Interestingly enough, relationships can are affected by the virtual realm. Last week, I unfollowed about 150 people on Twitter, and had a lot of explaining to do when my real life “friends” found out. It was one of the silliest explanations ever.

“I don’t like what you tweet anymore.”

Then, I tried to re-follow a friend back that got pissed about the whole Twitter thing, and in less than 140 characters, our friendship status changed. She hasn’t called me or accepted my follow since then. Is it safe to say we are no longer friends? I think it’s safer to say that if Twitter can dictate a relationship status, the relationship wasn’t very solid to begin with.

Maybe I should just give her a call? #KanyeShrug

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