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Psalm One - Get In The Van Vol. 3Wow. You really clicked on this based on the headline, didn’t you?

Are you still interested in this blog after you realize there will be no T&A in it? Of course you are!!!

A while ago I made this statement: sometimes when a person leaks their own naked photos, it isn’t necessarily a cry for help from our latest slut with daddy issues. Sometimes, it’s just an attempt to stay relevant.

Who would Kim K., Amber Rose or Bishop Eddie Long be without naked photos? Ok, wait. Scratch that last one. But honestly…when your talent leaves something to be desired, and your fame is relatively short lived, you know you better be “accidentally” letting photos of your vagina and penis and booty GO. If not, your 15 minutes are up.

Now, some celebrities don’t even *need* to leak photos, but in this age of Aquarius, the old adage “All press is good press” is more true than ever before.

I once told one of my favorite (female) rappers that we need to do a sex tape. I mean, it would be all music but think of all the downloads from people thinking it was gonna be this hot sweaty sexy lesbian romper room free-for-all, with rapping females!!!?!!! The publicity would be pretty radical, IMO!

But…It’s awfully sad this is still the norm, and what’s even sadder is some people leak photos, and it doesn’t help their careers at all! Talk about failing miserably. It used to be you could maybe call up Playboy or Hustler magazine and at least get those titties in print…now you’re getting clicks. Clicks for clits.

And what of leaked music????

Alright, here’s something for ya: To celebrate the August 30 release of my new road tape, Get in the Van 3, I am giving you a song early. My remix to the midwest classic “RPM”, originally done by Shawnna.

Psalm One – RPM

And since I’m feeling so generous, I want to offer the prequel, Get in the Van 2 for free on my bandcamp page.

It’s available in 2 downloads: DL 1—>

and DL 2—–>


I think at this point in the music game of life, leaked photos are often worth more to a musician than leaked music. Some people leak music that is so bad, there is no way they could ever get anyone to buy something! This gives leaked music kind of a bad name.

The good thing is, some of your favorite artists understand that grabbing your attention isn’t necessarily the same thing that will keep your attention. I am very aware of this. And while I want your attention just as much as that big nipped Amber Rose (the Rose is wilting, btw) I am only willing to use my gifts of music to stay in your life.

I hope this is okay with you.

Get in the Van 3 is coming 8/30/2011. Tell 10 friends.



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