Sole Searchers Turn Fashion Obsession Into a Business

SoleSearchers Turn Fashion Obsession Into a BusinessRecently I’ve been doing a lot of work with a local crew-turned-business called SoleSearchers, due to their sponsorship of my monthly nightclub night, HipHopFiend. I thought that their story would be an interesting one to share here, being that they are hip-hop heads who have turned their passion into a thriving business.

The crew started 4 years ago as a network of sneaker heads (who all knew each other through b-boying and the local hip-hop scene) due to a lack of sneakers in our area (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) and the rush of fakes that became available on eBay that caused them to avoid the site. Originally the crew would simply photograph their finds and send them to the rest of the crew, asking whether anyone wanted a pair picking up, but once their collections began to grow too large, they started to sell unwanted sneakers to friends, discovering a great demand from sneaker fans who didn’t want to spend the time hunting themselves.

About a year ago now they started setting up as a business, originally through a Facebook page, where they would buy extra pairs of sneakers to sell online, as well as offering a service where they would hunt down customers sneaker requests for them; a service that won them several business awards. They eventually upgraded to their own website this past December (which you can check out over at which has allowed them to reach a much wider audience, and they are now dealing worldwide as sneaker finders, sellers of rare, deadstock and even pre-release sneakers and experts on authenticity; fighting against fakes.

The crew have opted to keep their stock timeless, stocking only classic, rare and collectible pieces as opposed to following fashion and trends. As a testament to how rare some of their finds can be, SoleSearchers stocked 5 pairs of Air Jordan 5 Bin 23’s of which there were only 2133 pairs worldwide. They mostly tend to deal with Air Jordans, Nike Air Max, Nike Dunks and Air Force Ones, although a look over their site does reveal stock from Adidas, Reebok, Puma and Alife.

One thing that they definitely haven’t lost sight of is helping the next generation of hip-hop heads and b-boys progress, and showing them that it is possible to gain success through their love of this culture; their success has allowed them to feed back into the local hip-hop community, by sponsoring local (and national) b-boy jams such as HipHopFiend (Newcastle Upon Tyne), Just Jam (Newcastle Upon Tyne), Tear It Up (Liverpool) and more, and they will soon be providing sponsorship for LP releases from some local artists.

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