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Hailing from the Sunshine State of Florida, Protoman credits his style to being exposed to the ethnically rich surroundings during his upbringing. After being kicked out of high-school he worked a multitude of various job titles only to have eventually landed into what he is passionate about, making music.

Having released two albums in the past in the time frame of less than two years (Analog in ’06 and Grey Area in ‘07), the time has come for another. He has announced that a new single and new EP is scheduled to drop early this year. While limited information is available about these upcoming releases, he has confirmed that Sebino is taking care of production and the album will be released under Diamond Music Group/Pyramid Builders. Check out this sneak peak of what you can expect on the new album!

Take a look at Protoman’s answers to aboveground Magazine’s “First 5”!

1. Tell us something nobody knows about you?

Something that no one knows about me huh? This is weird but I have an uncontrollable thought of punching people in the face just to see what their reaction would be. I’m not violent. I don’t want to punch them. I just want to do it from a psychological stand point. Observation at best. I want to see what they would say. Like, “What the fuck man!”, or if they would fight me back. I want to see how close the reaction is played out in my head to what they would really do after I hit them.

2. What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want two listeners. The first listener I want is the kind that goes, “I can relate.” A listener who may feel they have no voice and I am supplying one for us. The second listener I want is someone who has no idea what the hell I’m talking about, learning and researching what I’m rapping. Better understanding and growing with a record, bottom line. I want all listeners to relate and think. I want it to be more than a hook or a beat. I want it to be an experience that’s worth $9.99.

3. What is one of your biggest regrets?

My biggest regret is not going to school at an early age. When you’re High School your all rapped out. You have your little demos. You think your gonna blow up soon. In reality, you’re not. I just turned 24 and just NOW I feel my music isn’t that shitty. Anyways, I wish I could have gotten some type of degree this past 6 years of who knows what the fuck I was doing. Advice to you, get school out of the way, then pursue your dreams. Work now, play later. There is no time limit to this stuff. There really isn’t.

4. What is your greatest memory in hip-hop?

Greatest Hip Hop memories would be the first time I saw KRS-One live. Out of the hundreds of shows I’ve been at and performed at that’s the only one I completely remembered. Growing up he was a huge influence and example. His live show is perfected. I literally analyzed everything about that show and why the crowd was so hype. There is a true science behind it. Just ask him.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I want to be on the road touring with a 100g’s in the bank. A house bought, a wife (this amazing bartender I just met, you know who you are!) and a 2nd child learning how to potty train. I think back to 5 years ago when I was asked this same question and, honestly, I’m exactly where I thought I would be. Let’s hope I’m right again.

Get more information on Protoman through his MySpace and Twitter pages.

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