Last Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines (April 23-28)

This is the revival of our short-lived Wackest Hip Hop Headlines weekly series. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of hip hop sites these days post some questionable — to put it lightly — content, presumably for the sake roping in those few extra page views. Whatever their motivation, we’re here to call them out.

This Week's Wackest Hip Hop Headlines (April 23-28)

1. “Hip-Hop Rumors: Wacka Flocka Still Thinks Wiz Khalifa Has ‘No Swag'”


Why?: Are we really  still on this “swag” thing? If that’s the worst thing you can say about someone — that they have “no swag” — you’re really reaching at this point. But, the blame shouldn’t be put on Wacka (this time), because AHH is the one that decided this was apparently headline worthy.


2. “Kanye West Meets Kim Kardashian’s Family in NYC”


Why?: XXL, you outed yourself on this one. By your own admission, this idiotic “story” comes straight from the mouth of none other than the Internet’s most notorious gossip pit — TMZ. The fact that you thought it was worthy of a full-blown story on the site is just sad, though. Get off Kanye’s nuts already.


3. “Hip-Hop Embraces All Things Wine”


Why?: As one commenter put it: “What happened to you guys actually writing rap articles? This shit Is fucking retarded.” Couldn’t have said it any better. Not only is the entire concept of “hip hop embracing wine” a terrible basis for an article, but the piece itself is just as weak. A few paragraph full of vague, trite observations about tangential connections between various rap artists and wine companies. Great work, ace.


4. “Azealia Banks Responds To T.I.’s ‘Bitch Shit’ Comments”


Why?: Wait, who are these two artists we are supposed to care about the “beef” between? You guys actually dedicated two stories last week to this idiotic “beef” (read: An exchange of pissing and moaning via Twitter).


5. “The King Of Hip Hop Live: 100 Best Shots of Lil Wayne Performing”


Why?: Where do I even start with this one. Ignoring how creepy it is that you fools spent a few hours rounding up photos of Wayne performing live (and often shirtless), the fact that you have apparently crowned him “The King of Hip Hop” is, to put it bluntly, preposterous.

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