Get Familiar: SMKA (Super Market Knife Attack)

Get Familiar: SMKA (Super Market Knife Attack)Name: 808 Blake (SMKA is a full collective that consists of Mike Walbert, Business / 7King,  Guitar, Audio Engineer, Producer, Artist / Sensey, Producer, Audio Engineer /Justin Padron, Producer, Audio Engineer)
Age:  26
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Label/Affiliations:  Co-founder and producer for SMKA Productions
The 808 Experiment Vol 1-3 (Produced entire project)
Aleon Craft- Mothership Decatur, The Stargazing Soundtrack (entire project)
Young Scolla – Seconds Away (entire project)
Nappy Roots – Pursuit of Nappyness ( produced  “P.O.N.”)
DJ Booth – The Report
Produced for Yelawolf, Pill, STS, Bobby Creekwater, Freddie Gibbs, Casey Veggies, J Live, Nappy Roots,  Laws, Jackie Chain, Spodee, Scar, Tony Williams, Mikkey Halsted, Phil Ade, Jon Connors, Spree Wilson, XO

Explain the name and how it came about.
Super Market Knife Attack…it’s a company secret and we’d probably have to kill you BOW!!!

Describe your production style/sound.
A melting pot of sounds, from hard hitting 808s to spaced out synths, to random samples,  Basically anything that will stretch the imagination.

What album had the greatest impact on you musically?
Being from Decatur of course there’s Aquemeni, Atliens, Southernplayalistic, but there’s also Cake’s Fashion Nugget, and Marvin Gaye’s I Want You that album to me is a masterpiece!

What makes SMKA production stand out?
I think its finding the RIGHT sound for an artist.  We spend alot of time going through music that will allow an artist to shine brightest.  I pride myself on getting comfortable w/ an artist sound, topic selection, and overall willingness to experiment and then try to find out which beat allows them the best chance to be great.

How does the team work together throughout the process?  
Mike (one of the other founders along with Kyle King) and I work in a small room so he basically is forced to listen to everything I do, but basically we’ll map out a sound and goal we are looking to accomplish with the particular project and then kind of bounce ideas on how to tie the music that has been created with an overall branding scheme.

What has been SMKA’s biggest contribution to the music world?
Honestly it hasn’t happened yet. I’m still working tirelessly to deliver a song that will stand the test of time or even come to define a particular time.  So ask me that 20 years from now, hopefully I will have a better answer.

Which artist has been the most interesting to work with?
Yelawolf was a pretty interesting cat to work w/ because at the time we were recording The 808 Experiemnt Vol 2 we spent months trying to find the right song for him.  We orginally going to have him on the song “Caddy’s” for Vol 1 but after he wrote four different verses for the song he wasn’t happy with how he sounded so we held off for Vol 1 and ended up putting Aleon Craft (which ended up being the begining of our relationship with Craft). But anyway, when Vol 2 rolled around we made it a goal for Yela to be apart of it so we probably sent over like 20 beats and finally he found the one that worked perfect for him (“Deer Mama”) and straight killed it.

You guy used to play ball in high school. Who was better and what pros did you most compare to?
Mike and I both hooped from 8th grade on, I was the point and Mike played the two, though our high school team kinda sucked. Our highlight though was when we beat Dwight Howard in 8th grade and ended up winning a state championship, to his credit though Dwight was only 6”1 and was actually a PG at the time, but who cares, we won.

What projects are in the works?
We have Young Scolla’s debut album Seconds Away which [dropped] August 30, We also have a masshup project, with Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur and P Funk which we are working on an orginal track with Craft and George Clinton.  We also have full album for Aleon Craft on the way.  So just trying to stay busy and happy. {Laughs}

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