Get Familiar: tabi Bonney

Get Familair: tabi BonneyAfter first getting introduced to Tabi Bonney through his afiliation with MURS, we were glad to discover a new, upbeat and fresh artist. Bonney — who comes from a heritage of musicians — adds a calm and cool demeanor that plays well with MURS’ energetic flow. Catch the two artists on tour together now as part of the Hip Hop And Love Tour.

Name: tabi Bonney

Age: old enough to party

Hometown: Washington, DC

Label/Group affiliations: Me Phi Me & BluRoc & whatever other affiliation that would like to have me.

Discography: A Fly Guys Theme, Dope, Fresh, The Summer Years

How did you get started making music?

God told me to just start beating on the cafeteria table in the lunch room and free style. That’s how it all started.

We first got familiar with your music through your affiliation with MURS. How did you link up with him?

Linked up with Murs via Myspace back in the day. He hit me up saying he was a fan and put me on the Rok the Bells tour.

Similarly, MURS told us that you were the one who introduced him to Damon Dash. How did you know Dame?

Social network once again. A producer who was working with Dame hit me on Facebook saying he was a fan of mine & that Dame wanted me to come to NYC and meet him. So I drove up from DC the very next day.

If you could do something over again in your life, would you? What would it be and why?

Yes!! I would’ve talked to this girl that I randomly saw on the street in high school. I didn’t have the courage then. I still remember her face…that”s how striking she was. Who knows I probably would have baby mama drama with her if I did though. But for now I have no kids & no drama.

Tell us about a great music memory that you’ve had.

I saw Bjork on my birthday a couple of summers ago on Coney Island. It was one of the best shows i’ve seen on the water & fireworks in real life were involved. Amazing!

Bjork is dope. What other non-hip-hop artists are you a fan of?

Lykke Li, Santigold, MGMT, Passion Pit, Tim Snow, Coldplay

What’s in the future for you, short and long term?

No one knows what the future holds but hopefully awesome superstardom, marriage, kids, and becoming a president in one of these countries in Africa. I might have to become a dictator for that and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Still thinking…

Any plans now for future music/releases?

Well my album The Summer Years just dropped. Probably release a Mixtape before the New Years.

Do you really have political aspirations?

Yes & No. Depends on my backing, funding & endorsers LOL

Lastly, you’re about to take off for this massive tour with MURS and Ski and all those dudes. Why should people come check you out?

Because it’s a dope show!! Live band! We’re not your typical artist who just stand on stage and rap. Plus it should be some good looking people there.

tabi Bonney’s album, The Summer Years, is available now via iTunes. Hit up for all of the tour dates. Lastly, download the official Hip Hop and Love Tour mixtape with tabi Bonney for free.

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