Get Familiar: Gliffics

Get Familiar: Gliffics

At 26, Gliffics is one of Brooklyn’s veterans in the new school era of rappers. The slept-on MC boasts a limited catalog of pure-fire, boom-bap goodness that’s sure the satisfy fans of gritty, East-coast rap from the golden 90s era. His debut solo album, Against All Odds, premiered in April of 2011 to limited acclaim. Despite that fact, he’s a rapper you should be aware of and we caught up with the Brooklyn native to find out more about him and the album.

Name: Gliffics

Age: 26

Hometown: Brooklyn NY

Group/Label affiliations: The Gliffics inc – Independent

Discography: Against All Odds (LP released April 15th 2011)

You’ve only got one release out? What have you been working on before this year?
Yes and prior to the debut album I was a featured artist on Illmind’s Blaps, Rhymes & Life mixtapes Vol 4 and 5. Prior to that I was featured on “One foot in the game, One foot in the grave,” an independent release from Sem.

How did you get started making music?

When I was 16 years old my good friend Pete was writing rhymes so I just started to write my own just to go back and fourth with him and then it became serious for me.

So did you get into battling after first starting to write or just into making songs?

I write songs & I produce music, it is more interesting to me then battling and it has always been that way.

When did you get to the point here you thought it was something you were going to pursue professionally?

The day I learned that my music makes a difference in someones life was the day I realized it was my purpose.

If you could do something over again in your life, what would it be? Why?

Tough question because i dont have any regrets, i feel like anything i went through in my life was a lesson from god so i embrace everything.

Tell us about a great music memory that you have.

I used to write rhymes acapella, when I first started I did not know how to count bars when listening to songs or instrumentals. My mentor at the time got me a job working with him in footlocker, I was 17 years old and he tought me how to flow over the music videos playing in the Footlocker store.

What’s next for you?

Continuous growth in all aspects of life.

Besides just growth, do you have any specific plans for future music/releases?

I am currently in production on my follow up release, I am working on doing bigger shows and reaching people globally, I am working on new treatments for my next music videos and I am also releasing my own branded rolling papers this Fall 2011. I am heavily invested into my craft, and I’m aiming for the sky.

Check out and download Gliffics’ debut album, Against All Odds from Amazon below.

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