Get Familiar: Culture Cry Wolf

Get Familiar: Culture Cry WolfWhat happens when the coveted Minneapolis scene breeds a band that incorporates rap lyrics and stylistics with a ska/reggae/punk influence? Culture Cry Wolf is one the city’s best groups, mired in a bit of obscurity, but nevertheless worthy of note and acclaim for their creative and excellent brand of genre-bending hip hop.

Name: Botzy of Culture Cry Wolf

Age: 25

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Label / Group Affiliations: Culture Cry Wolf, Deaf to the Static Records / Hopeful Opus Productions

Culture Cry Wolf – The Wesley Opus Sessions
Botzy – My Friends & I
Botzy – Deaf to the Static
Hickford Botsman – The Sales Pitch

How did you get started making music?

In summer 2006 I moved from Massachusetts to Arizona, completely blind. Somewhere in the first 6 months, I met an artist by the name of KonGeror ( now known as K. of Gahed Indie ). I had never rapped a bar in my life, while K had already been creating music and cultivating relationships for years. In my first few years of making music, I was able to observe advice from Carnage, Ernest Rhodes, P.O.S. and Toki Wright, somewhat vicariously through K. I consider myself extremely lucky.

Being based in Minnesota around so many huge independent acts: is it a net positive or negative for Culture Cry Wolf?

It’s a positive in my mind, absolutely. The amount of ground work thats been put into this city is insane. The venues are used to working with independent artists and the fans are accustom to supporting local acts. A lot of that is accredited to the vets in this city. Not to mention a lot of notable acts in the city have been helpful to us, offering advice, allowing us to open, etc. This place is amazing. Good Lookin’ Minneap!

Did you move to AZ as an artist? Were you making music before the move?

Before moving to Arizona, I had never played an instrument or rapped. I remember being younger, and wishing that I had “the ability to inspire”. I wrote a lot, poetry wise, but never anything to music.

What was your relationship with hip hop and rap like before you moved to AZ?

I’ve been a hip hop head since 12 or 13. I was the kid in the high school with his headphones on, and I knew the lyrics to every song. I listened to a lot of mainstream, but I also consumed a ridiculous amount of indie hip-hop. For me, it’s always been that way: Get Rich or Die Tryin’/God Loves Ugly, The Documentary/1988 … and so on. Rappers like Dose One and Aesop Rock were a bit over my head, until I started rapping. I didn’t get exposed to that kind of hip-hop until I could fully appreciate it. Now Aesop is one of my favorite artists.

CCW is something of a hybrid band. They encompass a lot of genres. How do you see the various genres influencing your music?

One of my major growth points as a rapper was a result of just that. Working with such a wide rage tempos and vibes has helped me find my voice. It’s pushed me in many different directions, and has taught me how to adjust to my surroundings. This is a very valuable lesson as an emcee.

If you could do something over again in your life, what would it be? Why?

I would never have started smoking cigs. They cost a lot of money! Plus it’s bad for your health.

Tell us about a great music memory that you have.

Culture Cry Wolf was playing a outdoor show with Prof and Soulcrate Music, in Soulcrate’s home town of Sioux Falls, SD. Prof had to cancel last minute, due to an insane injury…which made us as direct support for Soulcrate. We ended up playing for almost 800 people in the pouring rain. Such a blast!

What’s next for CCW?

Oh you know. We just released our the music video for “Day of the Dead”, which is off our new album “Día de los Muertos”. It was directed by the most wonderful Adam J Dunn. He is also directing our next video, for “Sweet Marie”. We shoot that next week, at a strip club in DT Minneapolis. Yep. A strip club, it’s gonna amazing. We will release that some time in October, before our CD release in November.

Check out Culture Cry Wolf’s upcoming album, Día de los Muertos, due out November 1 and can be pre-ordered in a number of different packages.

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