Last Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [April 30 – May 6]

Last Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [April 30 - May 6]

Last week was punctuated with a solemn note as Adam “MCA” Yaunch — of Beastie Boys fame — passed away at the age of just 47. While many sites provided touching and fitting tributes to the fallen legend and recent Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame inductee, there was still plenty of time for these same sites to post some not-so-nice stories. Here are my favorites.

4. Drake Dating Rita Ora from Roc Nation


*Stretch* *Yawn*, Oh, were you saying something?


3. Waka Flocka Flame Says He Will No Longer Retire


What? You mean that a whiny rapper, whining about how he’s “treated” in the rap world, wasn’t being serious when he said he was retiring? I’m truly shocked. Rappers always tell the truth.


2. Troy Ave Talks Wine, His “Merlot” Flow


Okay, seriously, though, which one of XXL’s board members just bought a winery? This is getting ridiculous. Last week, you wrote an entirely-senseless diatribe loosely connecting hip hop’s celebrities to various wines, and now you interview some unknown rapper about his love for wine. Come clean with it — who’s paying for these articles?


1. Five Reasons Why Mekhi Phifer and Omar Epps Are Easily Mistaken for One Another


Uhhh… Is this for real? Five reasons they are easily mistaken for one another? Maybe I should start calling this column, “Five Reasons Why XXL’s Articles and Turds Are Easily Mistaken for One Another”.

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