Last Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [May 14-May 20]

Last Week's Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [May 14-May 20]

5. Da Brat’s Tomboy-Inspired Movie Screening Outfit: Hit or Miss


Oh, my bad, you were surprised that Da Brat — who was just realized from a three-year prison sentence for cracking a club hostess over the head with a bottle of rum — doesn’t always dress lady-like? I thought you had a bit of common sense. My bad.


4. T.I. Does Not Understand Why Some Are “So Against” Gay Marriage


I get it. You guys really needed a reason to mention T.I. That’s the only explanation I can think for a headline that’s clearly based on the epitome of not news. “To be absolutely honest with you, I don’t care.” You wrote it in the damn article yourself. The dude just doesn’t care about it. Why did you make it into a headline?


3. Eminem Warned 50 Cent Not To Die From A Hamburger


What? It really is just about name dropping at this point, isn’t it?


2. Seven Things XXL Wants to See from Kanye on Keeping Up With The Kardashians


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a face-palm looks like. Y’all are coming up with projections about things you want to see Kanye do on a reality TV show about an entirely-irrelevant chick that’s only famous for her promiscuity and big ass? Word, all right. Do your thing.


1. Hip-Hop Rumors: J.Cole Says Too Many Rappers “Fighting For Attention” On Twitter


Pssst… Hey, uh,…. I don’t think that word — “rumor” — means what you think it means. Generally, when people say things specifically, in a video interview, aloud — it’s not really just a “rumor” any more. Oh, and by the way: No duh.

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