This Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines – [May 28 – June 3]

This Week's Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [May 28 - June 3]

This week is no different than most. With a slew of questionable, shoddy, and downright embarrassing headlines popping up on hip hop sites across the net, we have to do our part to call them out.


4. Jay-Z & Kanye West Perform “Ni**as In Paris” Eleven Times In Paris, France


This is actually sort of newsworthy, because it’s so ludicrous. The problem is that DX seems to treat it like an admirable feat — as though performing the same track nearly a dozen times is somehow laudable. Laughable, perhaps.


3. “Say Something” What happened to the message in rap music?


On any other hip hop site, this would actually be a pretty reasonable article. Even after reading through it, it seems to be a well-articulated analysis of the clear deviation from traditional values in the genre of hip hop. The problem, here, though, is that your magazine is one of the driving forces behind the degradation of rap music at large. You just put Waka Flocka Flame on your cover. Get real.


2. Brandy and Monica Breastfeeding Debate: Singers Voice Opinion on Private or Public Nursing


Did Brandy and Monica recently become authorities on pediatrics? Did they earn some sort of certification, degree, or doctorate that I don’t know about, which would somehow qualify them to speak on these matters with any sort of legitimacy? Oh, no? You mean it’s just two semi-relevant kinda-celebrities that you could pit against each other? Okay, then.


1. 2 Chainz Lyrically Decodes “No Lie” Featuring Drake


I’m just going to let the comments say it for me. “Big question here: Why does 2chainz need to decode anything he says? Simple rappers don’t need unraveling.”

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