This Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [June 18-24]

This Week's Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [June 18-24]

With the epic failure of Chris Brown and Drake “brawling” in an NYC nightclub still grabbing the majority of headlines, there’s been little room for much else — but that hasn’t stopped some of the biggest rap websites from posting some truly cringe-worthy headlines this past week.

5. Hip-Hop Rumors: Pusha-T Says Lil’ Wayne’s Diss Record Was “Trash”

Hold on, so, you’re telling me that the person who was the focus of said “diss track” wasn’t happy about the record? I’m shocked, really. Come on, son. Quit milking these bullshit fabricated beefs just because Lil Wayne hasn’t done anything notable in the last year. You’re just looking thirsty.


4. Welcome To The Indie Era: Viable Alternatives To The Major Label System

I have news for you, HipHopDX: The world of independent music made headlines about ten years ago, with the popularity of this tiny thing called “The Internet”. You may have missed the headlines, but, indie rap artists have been grinding it out for at least a decade without worrying about major labels.


3. Drake Says He Won’t Be Boxed In With His Third Album, Wants To Bring People Together

Uh, what exactly does this mean? Drake is going to “go all out” on his new album so people won’t box him in? Right — okay, that sounds good.


2. Seven Fashion Faux Pas from 2 Chainz’s “No Lie” Video

Sigh. I guess XXLMag has completed its transformation. It’s gone from one of the worst rap mags around to some sort of awful urban version of Vogue. Yeah, XXL, keep up the fashion critiques. You’re totally right.


1. Video: Chris Brown Says Hip-Hop Is Dead

What happened? Did he punch it to death? The irony of one of rap’s most despicable and overblown stars saying that hip hop is dead is sort of hilarious, and sort of agonizing. Reality is, this guy shouldn’t even have a career at this point. Quit fucking publicizing him.

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