Cool Story Bro: The Week’s Wackest Hip Hop Headlines [July 16]

XXL dominates this week’s parade of idiocy with three obvious name drops in one week. Way to go, dudes!

5. Jessica Album Tweets Pictures of Family Vacation

This is the most hip hop photo of all time. Thanks for making sure we saw it, Vibe.Site:

Oh — I get it. This is somehow related to hip hop. Oh, wait… no, it’s not.

4. Rappers Help Chris Brown Hit No. 1 on The Charts

This dude couldn't look any more like a douchebag if he actually dressed up like one.Site:

I think you should have picked a better choice of words for this one, XXL. Ba-dum-cha.

3. Station Identification: The New Reality For Hip Hop And Terrestrial Radio

Who is this guy?Site:

Yeah, because this was definitely a relevant article — how hip hop artists don’t need radio exposure to be successful — about 15 years ago. Have you guys ever heard of these new guys called Rawkus Records?

2. The 18 Most Absurd Screen Shots From French Montana’s “Pop That” Video

Is that photograph that Nickleback was singing about?Site:

Oh so you’ve provided us with 18 still images from a video, which is essentially just a huge series of still images. Because we couldn’t just watch the video for ourselves. Right. Thanks for that one.

1. Lil Wayne’s Mother Gets Married

Aw, dude's got tears rolling down his cheeks.

Weezy must not have done anything headline-worthy lately. We all know you dudes can’t go more than three days without having his name in an article.

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