10 OTHER Female Rappers Who Aren't Nicki Minaj

10 OTHER Female Rappers Who Aren’t Nicki Minaj

Earlier this week Vibe Magazine re-posted a partial list of 10 non-Minaj female MCs. The full list was originally compiled by Starrene Rhett for AOL’s Black Voices.

We were, to put it lightly, underwhelmed by their choices. The list didn’t claim to be a who’s-who of females, but what’s the point in making a list of mediocre rappers? Although there were certainly a few good ladies on their list, we felt we could do better.

We brainstormed a list of potential list-makers and started to deliberate. Zach Cole from Potholes In My Blog, URB and the Rhapsody Hip-hop blog brought some outside perspective in, adding an extra voice in addition to our regular staff members. One-week worth of voting and we have compiled our official list. This is our response.
MCs appear in order of votes received.

1. Jean Grae

Jean GraeHow could you possibly leave Grae off of any list related to female MCs? Or, MCs in general for that matter. Grae is the go-to in terms of estrogen-based rapping. She’s not just your favorite rapper’s favorite female rapper — she’s probably your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper (period). Her quick-witted lyricism, daunting storytelling ability and effortless delivery make her #1 on our list.

Listen to: All of it. Specifically: Jeanius, Attack of the Attacking Things

2. Eternia

Eternia (Not Nicki Minaj)One of two repeats on our list. Eternia is a great pick, and we definitely support her appearance on the original top-10. Her recent deal with Fat Beats should indicate that she isn’t a bubble-gum princess. Eternia is a hard-nosed lyricist with a compelling story and a strong sense of dope. When’s the last time you heard an attractive female going bar-for-bar with Joell Ortiz or rapping about her kingpin father over a Big L sample?

Listen to: “It’s Funny (ft. Joell Ortiz)”, “It’s Funny (Remix ft. Rass Kass)“, “Wild Child”, Get Caught Up Mixtape

3. Dessa

Doomtree’s sole soulstress-poet-MC scorches tracks with her sultry delivery and complex rhyme schemes. Her Spanish-speaking abilities add an extra dimension of ill to an already-complete package. “To everybody talkin bout my tits, I guess it’s because you can’t find shit to diss about the way that I spit,” she fires off in “Veteran”. Damn, girl.

Listen to: “Low Light Low Life” (P.O.S. ft. Sims and Dessa), “Veteran“, “Sadie Hawkins”, A Badly Broken Code

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