10 Most Hilarious Quotes From The Big Ghost Chronicles

10 of The Most Hilarious Quotes From The Big Ghost Chronicles

Big Ghostfase — not to be confused with the Wu-Tang Clan MC, Ghostface Killa, as certain rappers have incorrectly assumed — is not a rapper. Rather, he’s one of the best internet celebrities since Gary Busey’s fake Twitter page popped up.

Taking to his blog to make all of the snarky comments we all want to say (but never mention) about those that are disgracing hip hop culture and rap music, Big Ghostfase is about as subtle as Rihanna’s forehead. Having been forced to change sites and refer to differentiate himself from the Wu-Tang’s MC was not enough to make Big Ghostfase refrain from slaying rappers, actors who play a paraplegic teenager or Clear Channel’s favorite female MC/fembot, as he does on a basis more regular than a fiber-dieting man. Here are 10 of our favorite quotes that give you insight into the pure, uncensored comedy that is Big Ghostfase.

Or, in other words: Ayo, I’m about to hit you wit some of da best quotes from the man P-Tone over at BigGhostfacenahmean.blogspot.com. This one of the best sites to be gettin a laugh at nahmean.

Editor’s note: Once again, these quotes were not written by Ghostface Killah, but rather, a writer who has mastered the art of mimicking his writing/speaking style. We do not condone impersonating celebrities or rappers. We do, however, condone poking fun at ol’ uni-brow whenever possible. Enjoy.

10 Most Hilarious Big Ghost Chronicles Quotes: Drake Cuddle10. “This niggas moms n pops basically got Rick Rolled when the doctor said ‘Its a boy!’”

About Drake

9. “The shit look like it gon give you a pound n shake ya hand namsayin. It be lookin like a bear wit its eyes closed n shit. The shit look like a candy bar that got left in a car wit the windows up on a hot day n shit. … The shit look like ya hand when you be doin a shadow puppet for a duck n shit nahmean.”

About Lil Kim’s Beaver Shot

8. “That shit was wack as fuck ma. But it was all good nahmean. But yo word is bond if other broads start rockin this Bride of Frankenstein meets the Jetsons look Imma hold you accountable for that shit ma.”

On Nicki Minaj

10 Most Hilarious Big Ghost Chronicles Quotes: Nicki Minaj7. “Ayo I aint got nothin against Wayne like that but his crew is some garbage niggas namsayin. That aint a dynasty or nothin nahmean. Thats a crew wit like 10 Memphis Bleeks namsayin. When Jae Millz is one of the more talented members in ya crew you jus losin nahmean.”

On Lil Wayne and Young Money

6. “We aint grown up wit the crayola boxes wit the sharpeners n shit. Niggas aint had privileges n shit. Niggas was eatin razors n drinkin yoo-hoos.”

On the new generation

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