10 Most Hilarious Quotes From The Big Ghost Chronicles

10 of The Most Hilarious Quotes From The Big Ghost Chronicles

5.  “You show up wit a bunch a thirsty lookin FUBU niggas lookin like they jus swam across the ocean to escape from they island n shit then you might as well be rockin a eye patch n a rat skin suit g. … But you gotta make sure you aint bring no Julio Iglesias type nigga either nahmean. You dont want no nigga wit a better batting average than yaself playin on ya team g.”

-On picking up women in the club

10 Most Hilarious Big Ghost Chronicles Quotes: Picking Up Women4. “So you might wait til you see her goin to the bathroom n shit right. N then you time ya shit out for like when you think she gon be comin out nahmean. This part is mad important n shit too b. Cos if she come out in 30 seconds that means she done took a leak n she aint wash her hands namsayin. Thats a unhygienic broad right there son n you dont want none of that. You aint got time to be delousin a dirty broad pa. On the other hand if she in there for 10 or 15 minutes that mean she done went n dropped a load son. N you aint gon want no type a bitch that go to a club n takes a shit like that g.”

-On picking up women in the club

3.  “How you gon have a song called G’ed Up son? What the G stand for son? Gummi wormed? Glamored? Where we gon draw the line my nigga? You jus gave Bruno Mars n Chris Brown the green light to call theyselves Gs now too son. We gon have to deal wit Katy Perry callin herself a G thanks to you son. … Somebody need to send you back to Middle Earth or wherever you came from son cos you aint fittin in wit humans nigga. You look like one the aliens from Men In Black son. Namsayin. You look like a stretched out Lil Wayne b.”

-On Wiz Khalifa

2. “Ayo its like this nigga made out of baby powder namsayin. This nigga is human baby powder in the flesh son. If you aint under the age of 22 n dont have no vagina you basically aint got no excuses to be listenin to this dudes music.“

-On Asher Roth

10 Most Hilarious Big Ghost Chronicles Quotes: Drake (2)1. “But if somebody asked me ayo Tone you think this nigga ever caught snowflakes on his tongue before? I would say yeah. Absolutely yo. If somebody asked me ayo Tone you think that if we was watchin figure skatin wit that nigga Aubrey that he could tell niggas the difference between a triple toe loop n a triple lutz? Again yo I gotta say no doubt pa. That aint the types a shit that the average nigga be knowin but I think that son can definitely tell the difference g. If somebody asked ayo Toney you think this nigga ever nursed a insect or small rodent back to health? Word is bond yo I gotta say hell yeah g. Probably jus yesterday even.”

-On Drake

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