Fashion Friday: Finish Off Your Fit

A lot of people think they are fitted because of a dope t-shirt and new denim, but it is essential to tie it all together.  Here are a few accessories to keep yourself looking clean from head to toe:

“What time is it?” Me: *looks at phone*.  We all do this, don’t act pretentious and say you don’t.  Just because 90% of this generation cannot read an analog watch, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one.  A watch is one of the most noticeable accessories that you can wear.  And while G-Shock watches are good on occasion (I wear one frequently), there are plenty of days that call for a more fashionable timepiece. This week Hanhart, located in Germany, previewed their Primus Chonograph Collection, a stylish watch that comes with either calf skin or rubber strap.  Step up your game and become an adult, it’s time to wear a watch.

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Phones are a part of fashion.  They have been since Zack Morris was rocking the brick at Bayside High.  Ever since the iPhone was released, there have been thousands (maybe millions?) of phone cases released to make the trendiest phone even trendier. Austrian company Hard Graft is a must-see brand when looking for a case, bringing wool into play.  The Pocket iPhone Case puts two needs into one produce, delivering a wool phone case with a built in card/cash holder.  If you are always carrying your phone, why not keep your cash in hand too?

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Dear rappers, put away the damn Jansport. They suck. To all backpack rappers, or those who understand they should quit and go back to school, get a clean backpack such as the new FUCT SSDD A-3 Backpack, which comes in both khaki and black.  This backpack isn’t bold and won’t make a huge statement, but it shouldn’t. Instead it will go with anything you wear and separate you from most of your peers. Keep watch for this product to release in May.

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The final piece to putting everything together is the shoes.  To quote a famous commercial, “its gotta be the shoes”. This week Nike showed off another color of their Zoom Huarache Trainer.  If you’re going to wear bright shoes, they better be nice, and these are.

Source: HB

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