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Style Profile: 10 Indie Brands Sure To Help Out Your Steez

For generations, hip-hop culture has played an essential role in not just urban style, but fashion in general. From the music itself, to the stylistic elements related to it (break-dancing, beat-boxing, freestyling, graffiti, etc.), aspects of the culture are heavily incorporated into today’s urban clothing. Ever since it’s inception nearly 40 years ago, hip-hop music and the sub-cultures that have spawned from it have been a mecca for urban design inspiration.

In 2010, we have endured numerous urban fashion faux pas and come a long way from the fluorescent track-suits and backwards clothing of the 80’s and 90’s. However, despite some missteps, many trends from the same time period are reincarnating to become popular again. “Door-knocker” earrings, form fitting jeans (a.k.a. skinny jeans) and eccentric, brightly colored cartoon graphic hoodies and tees have made a come back and can be found in closets of the hip (or hipster). Even though a handful of updated fads from the past have made it back to the present, today’s styles and designs are simple, sophisticated and hopefully, timeless.

All of that said, we’ve compiled a list of 10 independent companies that manufacture some of the hottest, most innovative, intriguing and stylish threads influenced by hip-hop that are, in our opinion, a must have. Now, you will notice that major players, such as Stussy, LRG, Scifen, etc., are absent from the ranks. This is not saying we don’t like their products, because we do. A lot. The purpose of this list is to introduce you to dope companies that produce exciting and fresh gear that you may not know or hear of otherwise.

In No Particular Order:

GrpFly Clothing Selections

1. Group Fly

Founded in 2007, and currently preparing to release Volume 3 of their clothing line, Oklahoma City’s Group Fly is undoubtedly a design forerunner in the urban clothing scene. While Oklahoma isn’t necessarily renowned for their hip-hop scene or output of street-wear, GrpFly ignores that and welcomes the challenge of defying the odds. Vernon Deas, the founder, CEO and designer, considers the brand not just clothing, but a lifestyle. With that mindset future volumes are sure to continue to be a great representation of urban culture.

Manifest Worldwide Clothing Selections

2. Manifest Worldwide

Starting out in 2001 with t-shirts being printed on a kitchen table in North Carolina, Manifest has grown significantly from it’s home-based operation and is now being sold in select stores around the world. Proud to be dedicated to the golden age of urban culture, the styles and designs of Manifest stay completely true to the old-school as well as pay tribute to classic hip-hop artists/groups of that time. It’s not very often you find a company wanting to educate their consumers about hip-hop heritage through their clothing line!

3. Exact Science

Exact Science Clothing SelectionsBased in San Francisco, California, Exact Science is “motivated by the hybrid, collaborative and fundamentally grassroots experience that spawns distinctive strains of urban art”, and it shows in their clothing designs.  And not only does Exact Science create original, distinctive clothing but they double as a music label that organizes and performs at events while working to introduce local talent to the masses. Having such a strong focus on the musical aspects of the culture provides a monumental advantage during the creative process of constructing graphics for their clothing.

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