Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes

Rappers Play Dress Up: Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes

Although hip hop has been responsible for some the most widely-followed trends in modern history, it would be foolish to say that each and every fad that’s emerged from the scene has been great. It becomes especially hilarious when rappers take it upon themselves to ignite their own image by donning a certain wardrobe that’s — well — a bit out there. In honor of All Hollow’s Eve next week, we’ve decided to take a look at some of these recent …. fashion decisions … that might make an appearance at whatever Halloween party you decide to puke jungle juice all over.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Drake / Kanye West / Lil Wayne

Until recently, leopard print was mostly restricted to your mom’s hot, divorced friend, but apparently the safari look is in style now in the millionaire-rapper circle. First Kanye sported a leopard print jacket and then Drake followed by taking to the stage a few times in jungle-cat style and kept pushing it until he was caught in zebra print. Finally, Lil’ Wayne took the stage at the VMA’s in the worst thing that has happened to hip hop since Auto-Tune: A pair of leopard print leggings. Now it’s just a race to tiger print.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Kid Cudi

Maybe he was celebrating his Scottish heritage or maybe he was just a little too blunted to find the leg holes in any of his pants, but Kid Cudi wearing a kilt is one trend that’s certain to not catch on. Maybe his next hit will feature some bagpipes.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Chris Brown

Despite the fact that this suit was covering up his costume for a tribute to Michael Jackson at this year’s BET awards, there’s no redeeming this. The bulging shoulders and knees are reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster, but apparently no amount of monstrous behavior will get the villagers to run Breezy out of town.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill usually has a pretty on-point style, but last year at Rock the Bells, L Boogie showed up in some sort of stapled-up garbage bag resembling bat wings. Maybe she was summoned by a signal in the sky to restore some respect for female MCs, but she was probably just too late to find real clothes.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: 50 Cent

Although he’s about fifty in rapper-years, there’s no call for 50 Cent to start dressing like Redd Foxx just yet. Maybe it’s because he was at the premier of the geriatric comedy Red, or maybe it’s an unofficial announcement of his retirement from the rap game, there’s no doubt the Fitty has peddled as much junk as Fred Sanford.

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