Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes

Rappers Play Dress Up: Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Rick Ross

It was his all-white birthday party, but no one pulled off the ghost look as thoroughly as Rick Ross. With a penchant for white suits and hijacking names, it’s a wonder why Rozay hasn’t changed his name to Big Ghost yet.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Busta Rhymes

Comedian Kevin Hart pointed out this costume at this year’s BET awards with the question: “Busta Rhymes, what are you wearing, a brain?” Good thing someone has the guts to tell this veteran he isn’t exactly the rugged cowboy-type.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Andre 3000

Although this isn’t Andre 3000’s most outrageous outfit by a long shot, the Mexican poncho and moccasin boots come together as an excellent caballero costume. However, it will be a while before we see the “normal” Andre with his casting as the role of Jimi Hendrix in the new biopic. Editor’s note: Sadly, it seems like this movie may not happening after all.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Kurtis Blow

This outfit may have gone unnoticed in ’86, but in 2011, Kurtis Blow looks more like a giant marsupial than a hip hop legend at this show.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Waka Flocka Flame

Despite copious amounts of tattoos, it is not always appropriate to remove your shirt onstage, someone just needs to tell this to Rick Ross and Waka Flocka Flame. This “rapper” needs to hit the gym or keep his clothes on before the tabloids start running pregnancy rumors.

Hilarious Unintentional Halloween Costumes: Nicki Minaj

With Lady Gaga’s monstrous popularity as of late, there are bound to be a few riding on the coattails of her insufferable weird-without-substance fad. One of them is Nicky Minaj, and unfortunately, she didn’t do any research before trying to bite her style by donning a costume strikingly similar to Gaga’s Hello Kitty mess.

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