Hip Hop Commencement Speeches

Rap & Gown: 10 MCs We Actually Want to See Give a Commencement Speech

At the end of every school year, a class of seniors finish their collegiate career and enter into the working world. Traditionally, a commencement speaker offers inspiration as the graduates prepare to make this leap of faith.

With the recent buzz around a number of hip hop luminaries (and, not-so luminaries) like GZA, David Banner, Lil B, and more making appearances at colleges and universities across the country, we started thinking — who would be really awesome to have speak to the class of 2012?

Here’s a list of hip-hop speakers that would hold it down at any commencement.

10. KRS-One

Hip Hop Commencement Speech: KRS-One

The Teacha has been preaching since before the class of 2012 was even born. No it’s not the 80s anymore, but the man has an energy that transcends age and his knowledge reigns supreme. He’s an obvious pick for this position.


9. J. Cole

Hip Hop Commencement Speech: J. Cole

Before he blew up as a rapper, J. Cole graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. John’s University where he attended on academic scholarship. Despite how he may sometimes appear to act, the guys got some brains, and could offer some advice for kids taking a big life step.


8. Aesop Rock

Hip Hop Commencement Speech: Aesop Rock

As a member of Boston University’s “Wall of Fame”, (formerly?) holding a seat on the school’s Board of Trustees, Aes Rock is no stranger to academia. Known for his massive vocabulary and profound lyrical content, the man would actually probably have dumb-down his lyrics to form a coherent speech that the graduates could comprehend.

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