7 Things You Need To Know About MF GRIMM’s Return

4. His New Album, You Only Live Twice, Is An Entirely Fictional Album

The 13-track album comes complete with a 13-page graphic novel illustrated by Jim Mahfood (Clerks, Felt, Spiderman). Each page coincides with one of the tracks. It’s like an audio novel, GRIMM said.

The plot of the story follows the life of a modern-day prophet born in the times of hip hop. It’s told in first person, with GRIMM using his government name, Percy, as the name of the character. “People ask me why I didn’t tell it from the perspective of me talking to the prophet,” he explained, “but that would make me the creator — that would make me God — and that’s not what I’m trying to be.”

You Only Live Twice deals with many questions that GRIMM offered to explain some of the plots. “Would [the prophet] be loved? Would he be betrayed? Would it be seen as a religion? Would it be seen as a cult?”

Stream: MF GRIMM – I Am King

The lead single, “I Am King” (which also features a tribute to his long-time friend DJ Roc Raida [RIP]), has been widely purported as a braggadocio track built on the premise of GRIMM claiming his own royalty. To the contrary, based on his explanation, the song is meant to explore the position of the fictional prophet from his story.

Download: MF GRIMM – I Am King

5. 1 MC, 1 Beatsmith

“Sometimes you gotta stand on your own, and that’s coming from a man sitting in a wheelchair”

The entire album is produced by Twiz The Beatpro and features no guest appearances. It was done intentionally, said GRIMM, after his four year hiatus from rap, he’s back to show and prove. He doesn’t want to “hide behind guest appearances.”

“Sometimes you gotta stand on your own, and that’s coming from a man sitting in a wheelchair,” he said, “I want to show people what I can do.”

6. This Album Is Bigger Than The Music

MF GRIMM is trying to expand the reach of hip hop culture and rap music with this album. And, he’s got a pretty damn good way of going about it. His album will be offered through outlets previously untapped by hip hop artists. You Only Live Twice will be at major comic book retailers everywhere, thanks to a distribution deal inked with Diamond Comic Book Company (they ship out DC comics). His album was also featured in the PREVIEWS catalog, essentially the what’s what of the comic book world. Having a rap album featured in this catalog is truly unheard of.

“This album has a lot of worth, and for hip hop itself. There’s a lot riding on this as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “I feel like I’m able to help hip hop get to a broader audience that might not necessarily pick up hip hop [records].”

“If it’s successful,” he said of his album, “I think hip hop will be viewed in a better light.”

7. Don’t Underestimate Percy Carey

MF GRIMM told the world that they didn’t understand him in the song “Stable” from Digital Tears: E-Mail From Purgatory, his first album following his release from prison in 2004. “You don’t understand when I smile, I’m really cryin’/You don’t understand when I cry I’m really laughin’/You don’t understand when I laugh I’m really angry,” he rapped. Fast forward six years and he still doesn’t think people understand him enough to not put limits on his capabilities.

“There’s limitations put on me with my thought process. I really feel, to a degree, that I can do anything I put my mind to.” He explained how he feels like he’s able to see further than everyone else, “Just don’t put limitations on things in reference to my drive,” he implored, “people just possibly don’t see the things I do. I don’t know if it’s just that they don’t see as far as I see, but I believe anything can be done.”

MF GRIMM’s You Only Live Twice is available on June 8 from many major retailers, including iTunes.

Order it here from UGHH.com.

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