Lifted Research: Kid Daytona Interview

Lifted Research: Kid Daytona Interview

Is there still a relationship with Busta?

Yeah, me and Busta is still cool, still my homie. I see him in the club and in passing, it’s all love. He respects what I’m doing, and I look up to him like a big brother or an uncle.

Is there any future of working together?

“Anything you want from me, I’m talkin about album shit, not mixtape shit, anything you want, you got it.”

-Busta Rhymes

Last time I spoke to him, he said “Daytona, you’ve known me forever, and what I love about you is that you never asked me for one favor.” All the times I knew him, I never went and reached out and asked him for nothing. He sees that and respects that, and said, “Anything you want from me, I’m talkin about album shit, not mixtape shit, anything you want, you got it.” I’ll remember that.

Talk about the relationship with L-R-G.

The L-R-G situation came about in a weird way. My first interaction with L-R-G came to when we shot the “Airborne” video with me and [Bun B]. At the time, Bun was working with them on some t-shirt collaborations, so when we went and did the video, he had L-R-G come through, and they brought some product for me to wear. I ended up wearing a woven in one of the scenes, and from there they started connecting with my manager and sending him clothes, and I’ve met Woody White [brand manager of L-R-G] a few months later at SXSW. We really connected, with style, and with me as an artist. That was March, and by May, they wanted to shoot me in the Spring 2011 [clothing line] campaign. That was a whole year ago. During that campaign, we shot the ”On The Hill” video, and that’s where all the videos came from and it started everything. L-R-G has helped me with every single thing, and I’m grateful to have them in my corner, because they’ve been a huge crutch for me to do so many of the things I’m doing right now.

Is L-R-G operating like a record label for you?

They sponsor me, but as far as the music, my artwork, and different ideas I have, they definitely operate like a record label. We build things together. Community Juice, L-R-G, and my management, we work together as a team. They love what I do creatively, and I get to do that. We put out a whole layout of marketing, and we’re moving from point A to point B following the blueprint. In September, we shot a video, then January and February comes around, I’m on BET’s 106 & Park, then that turns into my video being on MTV Jams and debuting on MTV2, a video that L-R-G shot together with Derek Pike, who also shot the “Airborne” video. You can see everything is coming full circle. They act as if they are a record label, but we all work together on the plan and the structure.

What is the future with L-R-G?

“I could have been signed to a label, but I don’t wanna cheapen what I do as an artist. I want to keep my creative control. That’s why I’m an artist, is to be artistic.”

-The Kid Daytona

We are building something right now that is very groundbreaking, that nobody’s ever done before. What we’re doing, L-R-G the brand, which is huge in the US and overseas, they are pinning me as their first artist. They are going full-fledged with everything, and bringing that into a major situation and blowing that out the water. That’s the plan and that’s how we’ve been moving.

Does this have more freedom than a record label?

That’s one of the main reasons. I could have been signed to a label, but I don’t wanna cheapen what I do as an artist. I want to keep my creative control. That’s why I’m an artist, is to be artistic. I want to get my thoughts, my expressions, my feelings, across the way I want to, I don’t want to be put in a cookie cutter role where they give me records. That shit is whack to me. With L-R-G, they love what I do so much, and believe in what I do, they just let me ride. I build and get the producers I want to work with, and then they send producers my way, like with 9th Wonder. I met him at a photo shoot, and now that’s a friend of mine. We work together, do stuff with his camp, and now with a couple of his producers, like AMP, who produced “Padma (So Buttery)”. This has all been possible due to L-R-G, I love what we’re building, and this is just the start of it.

Your first project with L-R-G was The Interlude. Do you consider that to be a concept tape?

Hell yeah, it’s a concept from start to finish. I had the concept around the time I did A Tribe Called Fresh in 2008, and back then it was me taking Pete Rock interludes from Pete Rock and CL Smooth and making records out of those. That was the basis for the whole album. And that kind of got redundant, so I thought if we took interludes from other albums and broadened it out, then used break beats for different vibes. It came out conceptually, we [even] wrote it out in the liner notes, where we got the idea for each song and the record it came from.

How did you choose which the beats that you did?

We didn’t even have a list, we just went as time went along. If you look at it, the “NYA” came from Illmatic, “Take Aim…” came from The Chronic, we took an interlude from Common and Kanye on Late Registration, just different vibes that we went with off of feeling. Whatever fit, fit. We wanted everything to make sense.

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