Lifted Research: Kid Daytona Interview

Lifted Research: Kid Daytona Interview

How did the relationship with Sixth Sense work during this development process?

With Sixth, he’s become more than just someone I work with, that’s my family. We eat dinner and all that together. He trusts me, and I trust him. At first it was kind of difficult taking these tracks, but I told him I wanted him to expand on it, not just loop it up. With “On The Hill”, Sixth went and drove around the South Bronx recording street sounds to air in the track. Things like that with him, taking the Beatles intro and adding a weird a cappella that fit. He took my ideas and just blew them out.

What does The Interlude mean to you and your career?

I’m just moving on and keeping things going. The videos are bringing people in that didn’t know. We had about 20k [views] before the videos [were on TV], and now that they are rockin’ on TV, I’m getting new fans every single day. We have four more videos to roll out from the project. I’m going back on 106 & Park for the ”Padma (So Buttery)” video, and I’m gonna keep movin’. Some people put out four mixtapes a year, and I’m not one of those people who believes in that form, I’m going to make something quality that you can rock out to for a whole year. And what I’m working on now is going to be way huger than The Interlude. Never being satisfied with where I’m at, always on to bigger and better.

Speaking of what’s next, is The Interlude 2 next?

Yeah, the Interlude 2 is definitely next. We got it halfway done, and there’s a lot of surprises as far as producers and features. It’s coming together like crazy.

Can fans expect a similar sound and concept as The Interlude?

With this album, its gonna be more original records, and we’re going to tie everything in with original interludes. We took the blueprint that Pete Rock, Kanye, Dr. Dre made for us, and expanding it into something that’s our own. The Interlude was the prequel, and now you’re gonna get Daytona, full on. This is all original shit, and we’re just doing an original, conceptual record with interludes to tie everything in. I can’t even explain how ill everything is coming together.

When can we expect it?

Expect to hear something as early as 4th of July weekend. Before then, me and Action Bronson are working on a quick EP that’s gonna be that NY shit, that feel that people need right now. That’s one of the cats that I respect, it’s a mutual thing. We just bang out records that are so colorful that are for the hip hop heads. That will come out before I drop anything from The Interlude 2.

[Editor’s Note: We’ve since learned that Kid Daytona is planning to release the first single from The Interlude 2 in mid-August and slated to release the full project in September]

What did being on BET do for you?

“I make ‘underground records’, and look where I’ve gotten them. I’ve gotten national looks. That’s what we work for and will keep striving for.”

-The Kid Daytona

It’s a big thing because not everyone knows how to go to Nahright or 2dopeboyz and download records, a few people do, but its not for the masses. When you talk about BET’s 106 & Park, MTV Jams and MTV2, that’s reaching another kind of audience. I don’t want to just be a blog rapper, I wanna touch the masses. I make ‘underground records’, and look where I’ve gotten them. I’ve gotten national looks. That’s what we work for and will keep striving for.

Has being a NY rapper helped you or hurt you in that sense?

The problem is where the music is going right now, I hear a lot of stigma about NY rappers, then see a lot of comments on my records about giving people something that’s missing. I hear, “Daytona is giving me something that reminds me of 1996 Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z and Illmatic Nas,” all these ill motha fuckas, and if I can help people feel like that, I’m doin something right. I like being different, I like bein’ the oddball in the game. If I’m doin’ something different, that’s gonna make people pay attention.

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