Lifted Research: Kid Daytona Interview

Lifted Research: Kid Daytona Interview

How do you deal with those comparisons?

Its not tough at all. I mean, Illmatic came out in 1994, and I got kids listening to my music that are 15 years old. I look at it like basketball, there’s always someone that came before you. In hip hop, we get to where this genre has 40 and 50 year old fans, its becoming like rock is. As long as people aren’t comparing me to people like Drake or J.Cole, people who are out now, I don’t take no offense to that. Those are legends in the game. I don’t want to be compared to any of my peers. People aren’t sayin, “you sound like Nas,’ they’re saying, “you remind me of that artist,” in a nostalgic way.

Do you see a big presence of hip hop history, or is that something you are trying to instill with your music?

I’ve been a fan of hip hop since I was 3 years old, and a student of it, I wrote my first rap to [Raekwon’s] Cubin Linx album in the 5th grade. Things like that, having my vast knowledge of music in general, is why I take that approach, because I didn’t grow up with the sound that’s out now. I’m not really fond of it. I’m gonna be 27 next month, and that sound that’s out right now, I don’t necessarily care for it. I like the music I grew up on, and that’s the type of music I want to make.

What album was most influential for you?

Man, I’d say right now I’ve been listening to Illmatic, Blueprint, Reasonable Doubt, Low End Theory, Doggystyle, any album that’s classic, that’s what I’m listening to, and I take bits and pieces from each one. Each of those albums has a similar sound and theme for it being called a classic, and that’s what I want to bring across. I want to make a record that doesn’t go anywhere. I can listen to any of those records today, tomorrow, the day after that, and never get tired of it or want to put it down. A lot of shit that comes out now, you rock it for a few and put it down after a couple months. I want to make something that stands the test of time.

What’s next for you?

At the end of June, I will be in Japan for two weeks doing a 10-day tour, then coming into the school year, just rocking out and getting out there, doing shows. As the other projects come out, I’ll be shooting more videos and seeing more things, just letting this shit take me. It’s like once you start working and going out there, you just have to follow whats going on and rock with it. My main thing is to just touch my fans and create new ones by going on tour.

Any last words for the fans?

Know that I’ll always continue to make music from the heart, and from a creative aspect, I don’t plan on watering my shit down. I’m gonna keep giving you Daytona, always.

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