The Legend of DoomStarks's Swift & Changeable: Six Years In The Making

The Legend of DoomStarks’s Swift & Changeable: Six Years In The Making

Some collaboration rumors include more back and forth than the Brett Favre retirement saga — minus the sexting. There are few better examples than the storied DoomStarks album, otherwise known as the partnership of MF Doom and Ghostface Killah.

This collaboration, which is slated to be titled Swift & Changeable, has been linked all the way back to 2005 with a Mass Appeal cover story, but has still yet to produce more than a track here and there. The appeal of it is obvious; combining DOOM’s outlandish character and eccentric beat production with the MC responsible for some of the best written verses to come from the Wu-Tang conglomerate. As of late, it appears this record is making serious headway, and recent leaks confirm this rumor, but let’s take a look back through the long, drawn-out journey leading up to the most recent events to remind you that even though it may seem like the album is near, it’s not over till the fat men rap.

10/25/05 – First Sighting

DOOM & Ghostface cover Mass Appeal magazineReality: Mass Appeal interview gets the cover treatment, with DOOM and Ghost giving the rundown of their “upcoming” album. [SOURCE]

Translation: They will do an album at some point, but we may be paying for it with AARP discounts.

All of 2006, Most of 2007 – Nothing

We didn’t hear a damn thing about this album for almost two years.

Translation: “We may have spoken too soon.”

11/30/07 – First Delay

Reality: Ghost says the album is on hold as he finishes up Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II and hits the road again. [SOURCE]

Translation: Ghost prioritizes his Wu-Tang brother first, knowing it will be a classic, and needs to get his tour money right. That other guy can wait in line.

3/24/09 – It’s Alive!

DOOM's Born Like This featured the track "Angelz".Reality: DOOM’s last solo album, Born Like This, features the first official release from the two artists, called “Angelz”.

Translation: Okay, so the dudes actually have recorded a track together — one down, only 10 or 12 to go.

7/30/09 – “I Did My Part”

Ghostface Killah: Don't Look At ME!Reality: NY Mag talks with Ghost, who claims he sent Doom all of his parts, and is just waiting for Doom to put it all together. [SOURCE]

Translation: Ghost points finger at DOOM, who’s not there to defend himself. Let the he said/he said game begin.

Most of 2009, All of 2010 – Nothing

We didn’t hear a damn thing about this album for almost two years. (Again).

Translation: “Uhhh … you heard about that?”

7/11/11 – Holy Shit, A New Track!

DOOM and Ghostface Killah Single 'Victory Laps' Surfaces on Red CassetteReality: The duo releases a track, “Victory Lap (Madvillain Remix)”. Album said to be underway. [SOURCE] [Listen: Original]

Translation: Maybe it’s coming, or they just put a track out to keep the perpetual buzz going.

7/26/11 – Joint Performance = Album Soon?

Reality: DOOM announces that he will be performing alongside Ghostface in the UK. [SOURCE]

Translation: More news, but still waiting for the album to surface.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, nothing really. We’re still playing the waiting game. Although there has been word — again — that the album is underway. In reality, all we can do is sit back and wait, and hopefully this doesn’t turn into an underground Detox urban legend.

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