Cut From a Different Cloth: 10 of Hip Hop's Most Unique Artists (Presented by Acropolis)

Cut From a Different Cloth: 10 of Hip Hop’s Most Unique Artists (Presented by Acropolis)

Throughout history hip hop has been a constantly-evolving culture curated by the trends and sounds of the music that cement its followers together. But, not all artists have been created the same. Few groups and MCs have proven to be truly revolutionary in both their form and sound, pushing rap music in new, undiscovered areas. Although these artists have often been mimicked, a truly unique artist is a rare phenomena.

Acropolis, a California clothing brand, partnered with aboveGround to compile a list of artists that have made such a lasting impact. The artists chosen here reflect the merits championed by the Acropolis brand: Individuality, creativity and innovation. Each of these artists demonstrates these characteristics to the fullest.

In addition, Acropolis has released the Highest City Mixtape, a soundtrack and tribute to these unique artists and their contribution to hip hop culture and rap music.


Most Unique Hip Hop Artists: MF DOOMSurprise, surprise. One of the world’s most recognizable MCs rarely even shows his face. The masked villain not only boasts an undeniable presence and unique (to say the least) and eccentric personality, but also projects a one-of-a-kind sound that’s instantly recognized by anyone familiar with his gravely, attention-deficit flow.

2. Atmosphere

Most Unique Hip Hop Artists: AtmosphereAlthough they may be a fairly “normal” group on the surface, Minneapolis duo Atmosphere, consisting of members Slug and Ant, still presents a unique force in the rap world. Having practically discovered the art of every-man rap, the group has paved their own way from start to finish. Forming the foundation of what is now a monolithic indie label called Rhymesayers, the duo not only placed a rap beacon on the Twin Cities as the new Midwest hip hop cornerstone but also set the stage for a slew of emerging artists that have followed in their independently-successful footsteps.

3. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Most Unique Hip Hop Artists: Del Tha Funkee HomosapienWell known for his lip and nose ring combo, Del’s recognizable exterior is simply an extension of his unique style as a whole. The West-coast rapper has built a name for himself since the early days of the Hieroglyphics clan’s California dominance, using his witty and sensible lyricism as a propelling force to get his turbulently-inflectious voice heard on stereos around the world.

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