Soundset 2012: Photos From The Midwest’s Biggest Celebration of Independent Hip Hop

As dark clouds, wind, and rain loomed over Shakopee, MN on May 27, the threat of severe weather in the Midwest became eminent. Although many of the screaming fans had undoubtedly seen Soundset’s headliner — Atmosphere, the seminal group from Minneapolis’ Rhymesayers imprint that put on the show — at a previous performance, a collective wave of disappointment still swept the crowd when the entire event was put to bed before the final acts made their way on stage.

Despite a disappointing finish, the event drew in more than 25,000 fans with the lure of independent hip hop stars from around the country, as well as storied rap veterans (read: Raekwon and Ghostface), and once again established the yearly festival as the domineering force in independent rap up and down the Mississippi.

Before the 2012 Soundset Festival came to a close, we were on hand to capture some of the magic that made this show, once again, something that inspires awe and captivates audiences each and every year.

Photos by Luke Muyskens for aboveGround.

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