Blue Scholars Use Kickstarter To Fund ‘Cinemetropolis’ Release

Blue Scholars Use Kickstarter To Fund 'Cinemetropolis' ReleaseSeattle’s best-known rap duo reaches out to fans to fund their newest effort.

Sabzi and Geologic announced this week that their newest album, Cinemetropolis, won’t be affiliated with any labels or imprints. Instead, the group asked for fans to support the effort through their Kickstarter page, where they’re hoping to raise enough money to release the album, along with related video content.

“After weighing all options for the release of our third full-length studio album, Cinemetropolis, we’ve decided to forego all traditional channels and return to the independent approach that made Blue Scholars who we are. No record label. No marketing and distribution deal. No middlemen. No bullsh*t,” reads the page for the project. “Instead, we’re going to sign a deal with the people. Specifically, you.”

The duo is hoping to raise a total of $25,000 for the project, adding incentive by offering those who contribute a number of benefits. From being shouted out on Twitter to receiving VIP tickets to a secret release party for the album, fans can receive these various perks depending on how much their willing to donate to the album.

Cinemetropolis, Sabzi and Geo’s first full-length release since 2007′s Bayani, explores the role of cinema and how it relates to music and art, according to the group. “Cinema has always played a major influence in Blue Scholars music, and this collection of songs is the most complete expression of that source of inspiration,” they wrote.

“With your help, Cinemetropolis will be both an album and a collection of films inspired by the music. A sort of reverse movie soundtrack. With this project, each song, through collaborations with an array of filmmakers, will take on a life its own.”

The album is scheduled for release in June, although a specific date hasn’t been given. Fans who help to fund the project will have the opportunity to receive the record sooner.

Blue Scholars’ Kickstarter campaign marks the second large-scale funding effort to come out of Sea-town in just a month. The first effort by MAD Northwest, to fund their Seattle hip hop documentary, “The Otherside“, is coming to a close next week. With just six days left for contributors, the project has raised $7,009 out of the targeted $15,000. If the target isn’t reached by March 17, none of the contributors’ money will be given to the project, per the rules of Kickstarter.

At the time of press, the Blue Scholars’ project has raised a total of $12,940 from 366 individual contributors, or “Backers”. The project has until April 21 to raise the full $25,000, or the money pledged will be returned to each individual.

To read more about the project or contribute, visit the Cinemetropolis Kickstarter page. Watch the project’s promotional video from Geologic below.

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