Flying Lotus Clashes With G.O.O.D. Music Over Big Sean’s ‘Finally Famous’

Flying Lotus Clashes With G.O.O.D. Music Over Big Sean's 'Finally Famous'The producer has some choice words about the release, which aren’t met with kind by ‘Ye’s label.

This week, Flying Lotus took to his Twitter to express his disappointment over a highly-anticipated record. That record, Big Sean’s Finally Famous debut, was released under the G.O.O.D. Music imprint, which after catching wind of the comments, had some choice words for Fly Lo.

“This Big Sean album is not sweet,” tweeted Flying Lotus on Wednesday. “I dunno why I try to like this stuff.” He continued, calling out elements that he called more of the same. “Same wack ass [post-Drake] cadence, talking about the same shit i heard in the last rap album i bought(nothing). [More Autotune. [More] snare repeat,” the producer wrote, bemoaning the album. “I want my time back!”

After his initial short rant, the person behind G.O.O.D. Music’s Twitter account caught wind of the criticism, addressing Fly Lo directly. “You are not a hip-hop fan, & [that’s] fine,” wrote the label, founded by Kanye West, “but focus on improving your own craft rather than hating on a different young artist.”

Flying Lotus, a well-known hip hop producer, seemed to take the jab in stride, replying, “I am hip hop! I just care too much, that’s all. Don’t worry I paid for the shitty album, so the joke is really on me anyway.”

“No, [you’re] not,” wrote back G.O.O.D., “Hip-hop is from all perspectives. It is close minded & immature to hate on what you [don’t] understand or relate to.”

With that final statement, the short altercation seemed to close. Flying Lotus re-tweeted messages of support from a few fans and ended by tweeting, humorously, “Gonna go focus on improving my craft(s) now.. Sending love.”

Big Sean’s Finally Famous debuted in stores on June 28 and has been met with a mixed degree of praise and criticism. Although many media outlets — including XXL, Rolling Stone and — have given the album relatively high marks, many have rebuked the Detroit native’s release, often citing its lack of originality.

“[Nothin’] impressed me that much, the production far outshines the lyricism and flow on this album,” wrote one commenter on

Flying Lotus, a prolific producer, released two records in 2010 — the full-length Cosmogramma and an EP titled Grid+Pattern World. He also released alternative tracks from Cosmogramma in a release titled Cosmogramma Alt Takes, which could be accessed online by scanning in a photo of the original album and it’s cover art as a code.

He’s currently slated to be working on numerous collaborative projects, as well as continuing to work on solo material.

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