Tanya Morgan Announces ‘You & What Army?!’ EP For Tentative September Release

Tanya Morgan Announces 'You & What Army?!' EP For Tentative September ReleaseThe trio-slash-duo finally lets loose some details on their newest project.

Yesterday, Von Pea from the Brooklyn/Cincinnati group Tanya Morgan announced that after a brief hiatus, the group will be returning, announcing a new EP that’s expected to drop in the next few months.

“#Donsgonnakillme,” ‘Pea wrote on Twitter after revealing information about the record, in reference one of the group’s other members, Donwill.

After originally announcing the details — Tanya Morgan’s You & What Army?! EP is slated to be released sometime in September or possibly early October — he confirmed them with a post on his blog.

“There isn’t much to tell about it yet because its still being worked on but its along the lines of what we always do but with more maturity,” wrote ‘Pea. “The title means, in so many words, we’re not letting obstacles stop us from keeping it moving.”

The group recently announced that Ilyas would have a reduced role in their next efforts. They later clarified that there was no beef or ill-will between the members and that Ilyas may return more prominently on future releases.

You & What Army?! will mark the group’s first crew effort since their critically-acclaimed 2009 release, Brooklynati. In 2010, Von Pea and Donwill each released solo offerings titled Pea’s Gotta Have It and Don Cusack In High Fidelity, respectively.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Tanya Morgan release.

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