Aloe Blacc and Exile Talk Emanon, Childhood and Making Music, Release New Track

Emanon (Aloe Blacc and Exile). The two are preparing their seventh release, titled "Bird's Eye View".Aloe Blacc and Exile are getting ready to release another album under the transposed-moniker Emanon (that’s “No Name” backward), they divulged in a recent interview. The two, who have paired up for six albums over the past decade and a half, recently talked to HipHopDX about their upcoming project titled Bird’s Eye View, reflected on some memories from their childhoods and discussed Exile’s evolution in music-making.

“I’m actually back in the lab with Exile and we’re about thirty songs deep on an album called Bird’s Eye View for the next Emanon release,” said Aloe Blacc, explaining that he’s found recent inspiration for the new album from a 2009 trip to Carnaval, Panama.

Although it has already been reported that the two were working toward a new release, the album’s title comes as a new piece of information. Also, Aloee put a tentative release date on the album — Spring 2011, he said, saying that it would be a good time to “drop the album and start touring.”

Exile confirmed the album, although he didn’t spill any new information about the release. “Yes, we have pretty much a whole album finished but we are both kind of doing other things and have not found time to mix the album,” said the Los Angeles DJ/producer/MC.

Exile talked about his first forays into production and discussed how he first learned to perform a “transformer scratch” on a Sanyo stereo by holding down the tape and phono buttons simultaneously. “If this process is repeated, I can have infinite tracks but a lot of tape hiss,” he explained, joking, “No computers back then, kids.”

He went on to say that he’s progressively moved away from using loops in his music production. “My goal is to manipulate sound as much as possible,” he said, explaining that he’s also begun to make a habit of performing beats on an MPC at a live show.

The two also discussed their childhoods, Exile explaining how he discovered his father’s old musical possessions, and Aloe Blacc recalling some defining musical memories from his younger days.

In addition, Aloe Blacc explained that the two have released a new track, titled “Death is Fair”, along with “enhanced” lyrics — with links directing the reader to any references the MC makes throughout the track. The song is current available from his website at

“It’s basically a socio-political indictment against capitalism and corrupt politicians and our ways as human beings,” Aloe explained about the new track.

He explained the concept behind the idea. “It’s a way of me to say, to other emcees, if you’re talking about anything relevant, you’ll be able to do this with your rhymes. If you’re not, it’s going to be difficult and everybody can see through that.”

“That’s how I get my ego out in music.”

Read the full interview at HipHopDX.

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