Nas Holding Out On Album with DJ Premier?

Nas and DJ Premier have spoken seperately on working on a collaborative album. New footage from a DJ Premier show in Africa may indicate that Nas is the one holding up the project.A long-time fantasy of hip-hop heads all over the globe — the collaborative album between Nas and DJ Premier that has been a rumor for more than two years — still seems stalled. After footage of a recent DJ Premier show in Africa, it seems that Premo is down for the cause, but the Queensbridge MC may be the one putting on the brakes.

In the video — presumably during a short intermission in his set — DJ Premier hypes up the crowd by telling them artists he’ll be playing next (Gang Starr, Capone-N-Noreaga among them). He continued by asking the crowd if they like Nas and asks if they would want to see the two artists collaborate on an album.

“How many people want Nas and Premier to do an album?,” DJ Premier asks the crowd, before receiving an overwhelming, positive response.

It’s Premo’s next move that raises some eyebrows.

Following the previous response, he evokes the audience to chant, “Nas, do a fuckin’ album with Premo,” which may indicate that Premier is waiting on Nas before the two can proceed with the project.

Nas, who recently aired his beef with Def Jam for holding up the Pete Rock-produced Lost Tapes 2 project, has been mum on the reality of an entire album with the Gang Starr DJ since he told MTV that he was interested in such a project back in 2008.

Mouths began to water even before that, though.

In 2006, DJ Premier told the now-defunct Scratch magazine that Nas had approached him about the album — and that he wanted to go through with it.

“Nas approached me about doing a whole album for him over a year ago, and I said, ‘I’m down, just holla at me when you’re ready,’” said DJ Premier in the interview over four years ago, “This is the first time I’ve seen him since…I really hope we can get it crackin’.”

Nas, in the before-mentioned interview with MTV, also expressed his interest in wanting to do an entire record with Dr. Dre. That has also not come to fruition.

So, is Nas holding out on Premo and fans? Is he stalling to creation of their collaborative album?

Stay tuned for more information as soon as it becomes available. Watch the footage from DJ Premier’s show below.

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