Soulja Boy’s ‘Swag Flu’ Causes Delay for Kno’s Solo Album

Soulja Boy's mixtape, 'Swag Flu', erroneously received the same UPC as Kno's Death is Silent, creating a delay for Kno's album. Kno is an MC and producer for the underground southern group, CunninLynguists.Soulja Boy’s latest effort has caused some major headaches for the QN5 label — and no, they weren’t forced to listen to Swag Flu on repeat as a method of torture. Kno’s upcoming solo debut, Death Is Silent, has been pushed back two weeks from appearing on retail shelves due to a “UPC issue”, according to a post from Kno on the QN5 forum.

“Due to a UPC issue, Death Is Silent will now be released [Oct. 26, 2010] in physical stores instead of [Oct. 12, 2010],” the CunninLynguists’ MC explained.

Kno said that both his album and Swag Flu were erroneously given the same UPC code. He said that because Soulja Boy has sold more records historically, his forthcoming mixtape takes precedence over Kno’s Death Is Silent, meaning consumers will have to wait an extra 14 days to cop the album from Best Buy and other retail locations.

It appears that any pre-orders and digital sales will be unaffected by the mix-up, he said, assuming there isn’t any extended “clusterfuckery”.

Death Is Silent will be available online through iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets on Oct. 12, and on retail shelves on October 26.

The album can be purchased/streamed now through BandCamp.

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