DJ Premier Speaks On Guru’s Passing and Solar Situation

DJ Premier Speaks On Guru and Solar SituationNearly a year after his passing, Guru’s partner DJ Premier speaks on his life, his passing and the controversy that surrounded his death.

Speaking to VladTV, DJ Premier recently conducted a multi-part interview where he spoke on the passing of his one-time rap partner, Guru. In the interview he briefly discussed the MCs legacy, his passing and gave his opinion on the situation that ensued immediately before and after his death with Guru’s most-recent musical partner, Solar.

“When he walks in the room and he’s in a good mood,” remembered DJ Premier, after being asked about what he missed most about the late Guru. “When he’s in a good mood he is this super-chipper fun dude. Like, he’ll come in and start doing silly dances, rhyming and bugging out.”

Premo explained that although there was some implication of an unfriendly fallout between himself and Guru prior to his passing, he’s made amends with the fallen rapper’s family and is on good terms with them. “The family and all of us in communication, I’m just so cool with that because I had known them for so long. I didn’t want them to be like ‘Well, I don’t know if I can trust you either,'” he explained.

“It’s been a while,” he said, “But, they know me. They know my family.”

When asked if he had spoken to Solar — Guru’s music and business partner immediately prior to his death — he simply said no, that he had not spoken to him since 2004. He didn’t elaborate or offer any words for the MC that has been accused of misconstruing Guru’s final statements, lying to members of the media for his own personal gain and even physically assaulting the late MC.

Immediately before Guru’s passing, a final letter, supposed written by Guru from his hospital bed, was written which explained that he wished DJ Premier to have no part in his legacy nor to be allowed any part in any memorials created on his behalf. After the letter was released, many people close to Guru — including his sister, Patricia Elam — challenged it’s legitimacy, and further decried Solar for acting in his own self-interest.

Even later, accusations about the nature of Solar and Guru’s relationship began to fly. Some people went so far as to speculate that the two had a romantic relationship. However, stories from those close to the two parties contested these rumors, but did provide some evidence that Solar may have been physically abusive and manipulative toward Guru during their time working together.

The entire situation still remains unclear.

Guru, born Keith Elam, passed away from complications related to cancer on April 19, 2010.

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