Fake Ghostface Killah Blog Temporarily Shut Down By Wu-Tang

Fake Ghostface Killah Blog Temporarily Shut Down By Wu-TangWu flexes some muscle to get the comical blog shut down after its owner ruffles some feathers.

It appears that the Wu-Tang Clan’s corporate arm stepped in yesterday to take action against a blog that’s been maintained under the guise of Clan member Ghostface Killah’s official website. The site, which is hosted on Blogger.com, was shut down for some time today, but appears to have since returned to operation.

“Our brand is being used illegally out of the person who is using our logo is basically copying and pasting and [posting] on his site in Ghostface’s name and in this moment it is now stirring up issues to try to create controversy within the industry,” Mitchel “Divine” Diggs, CEO of Wu-Tang Corporate told XXLMag.com about the site, which is penned “by” Ghostface, mimicking the Supreme Clientele rapper’s writing style and tone. Diggs confirmed that the blog, the “Big Ghost Chronicles“, is not affiliated with Tony Starks in any way.

The blog recently ruffled some feathers in the music community when the site began calling out many popular artists for being “soft”, including a list of the “top 10 softest niggas in the game!”

The list made mention of artists such as Kid Cudi, Asher Roth and Wiz Khalifa, awarding all of the top three spots to Drake. According to reports, members of Khalifa’s camp weren’t entertained by the satirical post, and Khalifa went so far as to respond on Star and Buckwild’s radio show. “Him saying corny stuff makes him a corny individual,” Khalifa said on air.

Diggs also confirmed that Ghostface does not harbor any distaste for Khalifa, squashing any potential beef between the two parties. “There is no beef with Ghostface or Wu-Tang with the young up-and-coming artist,” he told XXLMag.com. “These young gentleman are doing what we’ve done, which is continuing to advance hip-hop.”

He continued, saying that the wheels were already in motion to put a stop to the website’s continued operation. “The lawyers are already making the call,” said Diggs.

Shortly after the article was published on XXLMag.com — around 3 PM on March 3 — the blog in question was replaced with a message from Google’s Blogger service, explaining that the site had been removed due to a violation. Since then, it has again become functional.

The site’s owner responded to the series of events with the site’s most-recent post, “Ayo they tryin to shut a nigga down nahmean!”

It’s still unclear at this point whether the site will be allowed to stay up. It seems that the website’s owner may not know for sure, either.

“We gon see what happens nahmean,” reads the site’s latest post.

Edit: The site has since back come online. It maintains it’s Blogspot address and the author has taken up the moniker “Big Ghostfase” to create a separation between himself and Ghostface Killah.

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