DJ Premier’s ‘Live From HeadQCourterz’ Gets Cancelled by Sirius XM?

DJ Premier's 'Live From HeadQCourterz' Gets Cancelled by XM/Sirius?According to a report from, it appears that DJ Premier’s recent tussle with Sirius XM has resulted in the the show being officially canceled this week.

After weeks of the show not being on the air, this weekend the broadcaster took an extra step to officially remove DJ Premier’s long-running hip hop show from its official line-up.

“Live From HeadQCourterz” had been in place on Hip Hop Nation for nearly seven years and just recently went off the air for the first time in recent weeks. It occupied a two-hour block on Friday nights, airing from 10PM to Midnight (EST).

Premo recently addressed the issue on Twitter, saying there were “contract issues” between him and Hip Hop Nation, the Sirius XM station that broadcast his show. Since then, he’s yet to make a public statement on the show or its future.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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