Movie Based On The Life of Gang Starr’s Guru In The Works

Movie Based on Gang Starr's Guru In The WorksThe late rapper may be immortalized in an upcoming movie based on his life.

Exactly one year after the passing of one of Gang Starr’s founders, Guru, there is mention of a movie based on his life as a highly-celebrated part of the burgeoning New York rap scene, circa the 1990 and 2000 era, an interview with the MC’s sister revealed this week.

“Were talking to someone about making a movie about my brother’s life,” Patricia Elam, sister of Keith Elam, better known as Guru, explained, speaking to According to the interview, DJ Premier is playing a major role in the film’s creation.

“Premier [is] very much involved with [the film about Guru],” Elam explained. “We’ve talked to Primo many times and he’s been very helpful with the family and especially with Guru’s son — who has picked up the mantle and run with it as far keeping Guru’s name alive.”

She didn’t release any information about the film’s progress or expected release date.

As for another one of Guru’s musical collaborators, Solar, the sister of the “Full Clip” rapper didn’t have much in the way of positive news to share.

“We have had no communication with Solar at all and don’t expect to,” she revealed. “As far as an apology is concerned, I doubt that would happen. I don’t [think] he believes there’s anything to apologize for. It’s like he lives in a parallel universe or something.”

To many, this will come as no surprise, as the MC’s death was shrouded in conspiracy when details began to emerge about the relationship between Guru and Solar before his passing. According to some reports, Solar has been accused of physically abusing Guru and even falsifying a letter that was supposedly written from the rapper’s deathbed.

Keith Elam, publicly known as Guru, passed away on April 19, 2010 after suffering from a heart attack and falling into a coma. Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the rapper’s tragic death, which was remembered by many notable members of the hip hop community and sparked the trending topic “RIP Guru” on Twitter.

More details as to the specifics of the film commemorating his life will be published as information becomes available.

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