Slug Says Group Therapy Videos to Promote ‘The Family Sign’ Were Unscripted

Slug Talks About Change In Rapping Styles, New AlbumSluggo reveals that the marketing videos for Atmosphere’s latest effort were from a real therapy session.

Slug, of Minneapolis rap group Atmosphere, recently spoke to about the promotion for Atmosphere’s latest album, The Family Sign. During the interview he answered a question that was likely on many fans minds regarding the nature of the videos that the group released leading up to their newest album which captured the members of Atmosphere attending group therapy sessions. The footage, he said in the interview, was in fact an unscripted meeting that the group has with the therapist.

“[The video footage is legit], none of it is scripted,” Slug told HipHopCanada when asked about the series. “I just thought, this should be funny because you know, he’s a real doctor, he’s gonna ask us real shit, and the four of us all have a tendency to try and crack jokes so this should be pretty good, us bumping heads with this doctor who’s really tryna pick our minds while we try to navigate that as well as you know, just our, our natural inclinations to try to be funny I guess, I just thought that knowing the four of us, this would make for some funny footage.”

The group’s four members — Slug (Sean), Ant (Anthony), Nathan and Erick — spoke with Dr. Ralph Borka in a series of videos put out to promote the newest Atmosphere album, The Family Sign. Through the duration of the five videos that were released, the group discussed with Dr. Borka different aspects of their creative process and exposed some inner-group tension.

Many fans seemed unsure of the validity of the videos when they were first released. While each of the clips seems to be conducted a serious manner, fans were thrown off by the depth and complexity of the issues that were brought to light.

The video series was eventually cut after the sixth video was released and later removed from YouTube, which, according to Slug, was a decision that he made. “[When] I watched them as they went up, I could see as they were going that they were becoming more and more and more I guess ah – reflective,” the Minneapolis rapper explained in the interview. “Um and it was just more than I wanted to show people so we stopped after a while.”

Slug continued by jokingly refuting a claim that Nate made in one of the sessions, where he said that Slug would often put down his musical ideas and then later claim them as his own. “Yea he was full of shit I can’t believe he said that! I have never stolen any of his ideas man,” he said, presumably in a joking manner. “He’s full of shit! Every good idea that anybody’s ever had was mine to begin with.”

Throughout the video series, each of the members seemed to speak candidly and openly about issues that they had when working with each other. While there were some of the jokes and arrogant quips that have become a hallmark of the group’s lyrics and media interactions, for the most part the group remained focused on truly discussing any potential troubles.

Each of the clips that were posted came from a single therapy session, explained Slug. In total, there were six clips released, with the last one later being removed.

Watch the remaining 5 pieces of the series below.

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