Rapper D-Sisive Pens Open Letter to Nas, Jay-Z, Requests Album with DJ Premier

Rapper D-Sisive Pens Open Letter to Nas, Jay-Z, Requests Album with DJ PremierThe Canadian MC speaks out to some of his favorite artists and asks for his dream collaboration.

On his blog this week, Canadian rapper D-Sisive took some time to pen an open letter directed at Jay-Z and Nas. In the letter, the rapper requested just one thing from the two artists: A collaborative album helmed by DJ Premier.

“Why [don’t] Jay-Z and Nas take a quick break from their lavish life styles. Contact DJ Premier. Lock up in a studio for two weeks and make an album together,” wrote the Juno Award nominee. “It sounds simple, because it really is. Put egos away.”

Although he signed the letter personally, D-Sisive implied that he spoke for a number of long-time Jay-Z and Nas supporters. “I’m talking the ‘Remember when Cashmere Thoughts was Hip Hop Quotable?’ fans,” he said, “The ‘Nas verse on Verbal Intercourse is one of the greatest verses of all time’ fans.”

He continued, poking fun at some of the more-mainstream tracks that both rappers have been involved with. “Not the ‘Change Clothes is my favorite Jay song’ fans,” he wrote, also mentioning Nas’s 2007 collaboration with singer Ginuwine called “You Owe Me”.

D-Sisive justified his rant by saying that the album would, “change the culture,” and “put the Hip Hop I grew up on back on the radio.”

He closed the letter with one final plea.

“I’m a fan,” wrote D-Sisive. “A fan who spent a 40 minute train ride writing this on my BlackBerry. I’ll probably get clowned for this, but I don’t give a fuck. I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t care.”

Read his full letter on D-Sisive’s blog, Run With The Creeps.

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