BlackBerry Launches BBM Music Service

BlackBerry Launches BBM Music ServiceThe mobile phone company unveils it’s new social music-sharing application.

This week, Research In Motion (RIM), the parent company of the BlackBerry device, launched a closed beta of their new BBM Music service for customers in the US, UK and Canada.

According to reports from The Guardian, the smartphone maker has created a genuinely “disruptive” new format for people to legally obtain and share music with their friends. By allowing users to obtain up to 50 songs each from their extensive catalog, and then share their selections with each of their subscribing friends, the service provides an inherent incentive to sign friends up for the monthly-subscription-based service.

The BBM Music application ties in with one of BlackBerry’s most-coveted proprietary forces, the BBM — or, BlackBerry Messenger — service that allows BlackBerry users to send instant messages to one-another with the use of a unique, phone-specific BBM pin number.

Users can access and listen to their 50 songs, plus any songs of their BBM contacts who have also subscribed to the music service. According to The Guardian, the closed beta supports up to 140 contacts — 7000 songs — to be linked together, and the company plans to expand this limit after the service goes public.

BBM Music can also be linked to a user’s Amazon MP3 platform, allowing users to purchase additional music on a per-track or per-album basis.

The BBM Music is currently only available to those included in the service’s closed beta testing, but the company plans to release it to the public in the near future. Users will subscribe to the service for $4.99 a month.

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