Mike Shinoda Says Linkin Park’s New Album Pays Homage to Chuck D

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park / Fort Minor)Fort Minor and Linkin Park MC/producer/guitarist (he stays busy), Mike Shinoda, revealed in a recent interview with NME magazine that the band’s new album will feature a track that makes mention, and pays homage, to Chuck D of the pioneering hip-hop group, Public Enemy.

I reference them in the song ‘Wretches And Kings’, there is a homage to [lead rapper] Chuck D on there,” Shinoda told NME, calling the track (“Wretches and Kings”), “probably the most hip hop” track on their new record — A Thousand Sons.

He continued by explaining Public Enemy’s lasting influence on the music of Linkin Park, extolling what he called “three-dimensional” qualities of the early rap group’s work. “Although [their songs] seemed political, there was a whole lot of other stuff going on in there too. It made me think how three-dimensional I wanted our record to be without imitating them of course, and show where we were at creatively,” Shinoda explained.

Shinoda also detailed how the band used samples in their newest record to help them convey their own political messages. He offered some specific examples, saying that A Thousand Sons features samples from Mario Savio, a 1960’s workers’ rights activist, Robert Oppenheimer, considered the father of the atomic bomb, and Martin Luther King, Jr., the famous civil rights leader.

“I just felt in all three cases, those speeches when you hear them now, resonate in a way very differently from when they were first delivered. But they apply to things that are going on today,” said Shinoda.

Linkin Park’s A Thousand Sons in stores today, and Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise” box set is set to drop on October 15.

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