Vandalyzm Writes Open Letter to Jay Electronica and Andre 3000, Pleads for New Releases

Vandalyzm is a St. Louis-based MC. He recently wrote an open letter to fellow MCs Jay Electronica and Andre 3000, asking them to release their long-awaited solo releases.Apparently ’tis the season for open letter writing. This time, though, it’s a letter from one artist to two others. Yesterday, the St. Louis MC, Vandalyzm, took some time to share his thoughts, penning an open letter directed at both Jay Electronica and Andre 3000, pleading with both to release respective solo albums.

“You owe it to this game man,” V wrote on his site, asking that Andre 3000 work toward releasing a new solo project and pushing Jay to let go of his Act II, which has reportedly been finished for some time.

Vandalyzm claimed that these artists releasing new music could, “change the entire climate of the music industry.” Their industry connections, fan-base, talent and dedication to making good music would be eye-opening for people accustomed to mainstream hip hop, he wrote.

He went on to call on Jay and ‘Dre to help him in the “war” that he says is going on (presumably within hip hop as a genre). “Us [artists] on the front line need some help,” he wrote, explaining that he feels he’s doing all he can in his current position as a lesser-known MC.

In 2008, Jay Electronica, originally from New Orleans, announced that he had completed his second feature-length release, Act  II: Patents of Nobility. After receiving incredible buzz and rave endorsements from artists like Erykah Badu (his child’s mother), Nas and Just Blaze and releasing the 9:13-long Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), he’s been considered one of the most sought-after MCs in the game.

Yet, his output has been sparse. He’s released single tracks, such as “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C”, which have caught the ears of critics and fans around the world. But, he has cited the expectations placed on him as the reason that he’s hesitant to release his new project.

“If by listening to the lyrics of your songs, this is what you fought and struggled for.  Am I right?  This right here is what it was all about, and you are just sitting on it all,” wrote Vandalyzm. “Then I see a set of tweets where you are saying you [don't] want to let us down.  Bruh, you dropped the joint for Erykah on the net and folks went stupid over it.  And [that's] not even going to be on the project.  You got this bro, just put it out.”

Andre 3000 — best known as one-half of the group Outkast — has yet to release a solo record at all. He’s been featured on many tracks with notable artists, but his last studio release was Outkast’s 2006 album, Idlewild. Especially considering the other half of Outkast, Big Boi, recently released his own solo album (Sir Lucius Left Foot), fans of the duo have been pining to hear from Three Stacks on a solo disc.

Big Boi indicated in an interview last year that ‘Dre was working on his own solo album. He said that the group would reunite for another record following the completion of Andre’s project.

Neither a title nor release date have been made available for either release.

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