DJ Premier: Unreleased Gang Starr Material Will be Released on Year Round Records

DJ Premier and Guru formed the iconic hip-hop group, Gang Starr. Following Guru's death, DJ Premier recently revealed that his newly-formed label, Year Round Records, would be releasing some never-before-heard and never-before-seen Gang Starr material. Guru’s passing marked a sad moment for many hip hop fans. As part of the iconic New York hip-hop duo, Gang Starr, Guru and the group’s producer/DJ, DJ Premier, cemented their legacy as forefathers of what has come to be known as a distinct style of hip hop that hails from the Big Apple. Guru’s untimely death may have halted the creation of any new music from the revered MC, but new, unreleased material from Gang Starr is on the way, DJ Premier revealed in a recent interview.

“Absolutely, absolutely we will [hear unreleased Gang Starr tracks],” the Houston native said in an interview with, when asked if Year Round Records — Premier’s newly-formed label imprint — would be unearthing any never-before-heard material from the group.

Along with new music, Premier also put emphasis on the upcoming release of Gang Starr DVDs, which will feature behind-the-scenes footage from their work between 1989 and 2010. “Nobody has that footage but me,” he explained.

“We’re going to do a Gangstarr Foundation album and a couple of other things,” he told Examiner, explaining that he’s also compiling Guru’s vocals from other people who may have had possession of them.

The duo has not released a body of work together since their 2006 greatest hits compilation, Mass Appeal. According to interviews with Guru prior to his death in April of 2010, the two (Guru and Premier) had had a falling out sometime around 2003 when they released their most-recent studio album, The Ownerz.

Following his passing, a letter supposedly penned by Guru sometime during his stay in the hospital was released. The statement attributed to the MC referred to Premo as “my ex-DJ”, asking that Premier not, “have anything to do with my name, likeness, events, tributes, etc.”

The validity of the letter was later questioned by members of Guru’s family and close friends.

Guru — born, Keith Elam — passed away on April 23 from complications following a heart attack in February and an extended coma. He was 48 years old.

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