Video: Activision Reveals “Walking Dead” First-Person Shooter

Activision revealed today that it has a new incarnation of the AMC series “Walking Dead” in the form of a full-length first-person shooter, starring the brother Darryl and Merle from the television series.

According to reports from IGN, the game will utilize a lot of complex plot elements to simulate the reality of a zombie apocalypse. Ammunition and supplies will be scarce, and players will encounter other characters from the main story, being forced to make difficult decisions about how to treat each encounter — which will ultimately determine whether they help or hurt your goal of surviving.

This “Walking Dead” game is not related to the episodic series of games, which is currently being released. Instead, this will be helmed by Terminal Reality. It’s slated out sometime in 2013 for PS3, Xbox, and PC.

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