Video: ‘Battlefield 3′ Guillotine Gameplay Teaser

Video: 'Battlefield 3' Guillotine Gameplay TeaserPlayers get another look at EA and DICE’s upcoming “Battlefield” installment.

This week, a new trailer was released for the highly-anticipated “Battlefield 3″, which is due out next month. The new trailer shows off more gameplay and continues to impress fans of the franchise.

Exhibiting the stellar visual and sound effects that the third game in the main-series arch has come to be known for, the Guillotine trailer follows a player as they traverse a war-town city, taking down hostiles with various different weapons. The game is reportedly set near the Iran-Iraq border.

“Battlefield 3″ is scheduled for release on PC, Xbox360 and PS3 on October 25. Watch the newest gameplay trailer below.

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